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Options For Permeable Pavers

Grass pavers are a fantastic way to keep your whole lawn green but still have parking spots! A paver system like this protects the grass but also supports your car. So you won’t have to worry about asphalt or concrete driveways. But you’ll also be safe from huge brown spots of dead grass!

Grass pavers come in all kinds of designs, but they all fit one mold: they are systems made of small sections of plastic “grids” that grass grows through. Each paver is just a couple of square feet, meaning you can buy just what you need. And if you decide to add to it later, it’s a simple task!

Factors To Consider

Also known as permeable pavers, grass pavers have to balance supporting a vehicle and protecting the grass beneath them. 

There are many styles available. Fancy may look good, but remember that the grass will mostly hide it. Also, avoid anything that has too complex a pattern. Good drainage is also a major factor, and a lot of fancy work can slow runoff.

The pavers we’ve found are strong enough to support cars and light trucks, so you don’t have any worries there. But if you’re going to install them yourself, you want the job to be as easy as possible. That means you should look for lightweight pavers. 

Want to learn to install protective mesh for grass?

How Much Do You Need

Be sure to buy enough pavers for your project. They come in square or rectangular sections of 18 to 24 inches on each side.

Measure the amount of space you need for parking. Of course, this has to be bigger than just the size of your car! You’ll want a couple of feet on each side. You want to cover the entire area from where the grass begins up to where you’ll park.

You don’t need a lot of space in front of the car, but it might be a good idea to allow a few feet to walk around it so that you don’t wear a footpath on the lawn.

Reviews of the Best Grass Pavers

Now, let’s look at some of the best permeable pavers on the market! We recommend any of these when you’re ready to buy.

Standartpark – EasyPave Grid Green – 2″ Depth

  • Unit size: 2.5 square feet
  • Package size(s): 20, 50, 100, 300 sq. ft.

This Standartpark EasyPave Grid works great for your parking area! The pieces are two inches deep and provide support even for heavier trucks like big pickups. They also snap together easily and provide large spaces for the grass to grow through. Because of these openings, they also work great with gravel.

Since they are green, they tend to blend in better with the grass.

A full-sized piece measures 26” by 18”. When connected, each piece takes up 24” by 16”.

You can add ground anchors if you’d like, although they aren’t normally necessary.

The pavers are made entirely with recycled plastics, making them even better for the environment! 

Techno Earth Black Permeable Plastic Grass Pavers

  • Unit size: 2.7 square feet
  • Package size(s): 11 square feet (4 pieces).

Techno Earth’s square grass pavers measure 19.7 inches on a side, covering 11 square feet per unit. They come in packs of four, meaning you will have a minimal amount of leftover pieces when doing the job!

The hexagonal shape with supports across the bottom provides strength while not interfering with drainage or growth.

Once your grass grows well, it will hide the ridges of the pavers. But until then, the black plastic can be really apparent.

Gravalock Permeable Pavers

  • Unit size: 3.4 square feet
  • Package size(s): 40.5 square feet (12 pieces).

These Gravalock pavers each cover more square feet than the others we’ve looked at, but are another quality investment. They also have a unique design that shows up when using them for gravel. That design may have a smaller effect on grass, but still creates a unique look for your driveway.

These are good for light vehicles. If you have trucks or other heavy-duty equipment, we recommend other options. But these are good with your average family car.

Like the pavers above, these are black, so they stand out until your grass grows in.


Yes, you can park on the grass; just be sure to use permeable pavers! They let you keep the lawn green and eliminate ruts in the ground. These tiles are barely noticeable as the grass grows through them and allow you to preserve a great-looking, environmentally-friendly parking spot!

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