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Best Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

Are you looking for a way to enhance the security of your home while also providing convenient lighting when you arrive home at night? Outdoor motion detector lights may be the solution you’re looking for. These lights use sensors to detect movement and automatically turn on, illuminating the area around your home. 

We’re going to look at five of the best options in outdoor lighting that activates with motion detectors. But we’ll start by talking about why these lights are a good choice, how they work, and what you should consider when choosing the right ones for your home!

Why Use Motion-Detector Lights for Your Home?

Motion-detector lights are an excellent way to enhance the security of your home. When motion is detected, the lights turn on automatically, illuminating the area around your home. This can deter potential intruders from approaching your property, as they will be more visible and less likely to attempt a break-in. 

Additionally, motion-detector lights can also provide light when you arrive home at night. This can make it easier to see your surroundings and navigate your way to your front door.

How Do Motion-Detector Lights Work?

Motion-detector lights work by using sensors to detect movement in their field of view. When the sensor detects movement, it sends a signal to the light, causing it to turn on.

There are two main types of motion detectors: active ultrasonic and passive infrared. Active ultrasonic motion detectors emit and reflect sound waves that are disrupted by moving objects. Passive infrared motion detectors detect changes in heat or infrared energy that humans and animals give off.

Are Outdoor Motion Detector Lights Easy To Install?

Outdoor motion detector lights are generally easy to install. Many models are designed to be mounted on an exterior wall or post and come with all the necessary hardware for installation. 

Some models may require hardwiring into your home’s electrical system, while others may be battery-powered or solar-powered and require no wiring at all. It is important to carefully read the instructions for your specific model before attempting installation.

Are Solar Outdoor Motion Detector Lights Reliable?

Solar outdoor motion detector lights are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor lighting because they are environmentally friendly and easy to install. They use solar panels to absorb daylight and convert it into electrical energy, which is then stored in a battery until it is needed at night. 

Solar lights can be very reliable and can charge even on cloudy days to provide a decent amount of light output. However, it is important to note that the quality of solar lights can vary greatly, so it is important to choose a reputable brand with good reviews.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Outdoor Motion Detector Lights For Your Home

When buying outdoor motion detector lights for your home, there are several important factors to consider. 

The first is the range of the motion detector. Larger yards may require more sensors or sensors with a wider range to provide adequate coverage. Another important factor is the brightness of the light when it turns on. You will want a light that provides enough illumination for your needs without being overly bright or intrusive.

The power source of the light is also an important consideration. We recommend shying away from battery-operated lights, especially if they will be mounted out of reach (which is almost always the case). Regular batteries will fail frequently.

Lights that are hard-wired to your electric system are the most reliable, but also the hardest to install. You’ll likely need a professional to do the job. At the same time, though, they’re the most reliable; they should work unless the power is off.

Solar lights are dependable since their battery recharges daily. However, if trees or the eaves of your house block the light, they may have difficulty charging. But if they receive about eight hours of exposure to the sky during the day, they should be fine. They can charge even on cloudy days. As long as the spot isn’t completely sheltered, solar lights are probably the best way to go.

Top Choices For Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

Let’s have a look at our recommendations for motion detector lights. We think any of these are great choices, whether you want them to shine on your driveway and entryway, the side yard, or behind the house.

Aootek Solar Lights

outdoor solar lights

This set of four solar lights has some nifty features that will make your property feel safer and more secure.

The LED lights light up at an angle of about 120°, and they can detect movement at about 26 feet away from the unit. 

Four lights are included in the pack. 

Our favorite feature is that these lights have three modes. They can light up when they detect motion, or they can be continuously on. Or you can set them to be on continuously BUT get brighter when they detect motion. With a normal daily charge, the battery is more than sufficient to keep the LEDs lit all night.

Considering the range and style, these should be mounted at a relatively low height. Directly above the garage door or sliding deck door would be ideal. You just need two screws to mount each unit.

Feob Solar Outdoor Lights

feob outdoor solar lights

This set of two lights offers an incredible angle. Since each unit consists of three panels of LEDs, it can throw light out at 270°. That makes it ideal for mounting near a corner. It’s also great if you have a pole to mount it on rather than a wall. Of course, you can narrow the angle and still enjoy a great spread of light.

The motion detector works at about a 120° angle. But the extra angle they can shed light on is great while you move through the field.

You can set the lights to turn on when they detect motion or to stay on permanently. They can provide 5 – 6 hours of light on a full charge.

The lights stay on for 15 seconds when they’re in motion-detection mode, and they detect motion up to 23 feet away.

We expect most people would use these for motion detection, and they’re great for that. The battery life is disappointing if you want them to provide continuous light, though.

AmeriTop Bundle – 2 Pack Black LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

ameritop 4 solar power outdoor lights

This four-pack of solar lights offers a lot of pluses.

It offers bright lights and a great detection range of 26 feet. The detection angle is 120°, and lights can illuminate 270°. Both the lights and motion detectors can be angled to help you get the best results.

The longer range of detection on these is nice, especially if you have a longer driveway or large yard. However, if your house is close to the road, you might have to worry about the lights coming on every time someone walks by on the sidewalk, or even if a car drives by.

They’re easy to install and adjust. The motion detection is decent, and the battery works great so that you’ll have power to these lights even after rainy days.

And from a purely aesthetic point of view – why two white and two black units in the set? We supposed that could work for some home color schemes, but we think having four of the same color would work for more people.

JJC LED Security Lights

outdoor hardwired security lighting with motion detection

This fixture provides bright light and can be set to work 24 hours a day, dusk to dawn, or motion activated.

This unit needs to be wired to your electrical system. That can make it more reliable than other options; it also accounts for its larger range and brighter lights. It’s pricier than most solar units but offers increased power.

The two individual LED fixtures can be pointed in whatever direction you’d like, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning.

It has great range – hung above a garage door, it can detect motion as far as 72 feet away and within a range of 180°.

The unit is available in black, brown, and white.

Defiant 180 Degree Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Light

defiant security lights

This hard-wired security light with a motion sensor offers great performance and various settings to help you feel safer in your home, even if that means just finding your keys and getting in the door quickly!

You can set it to provide soft light when there is no motion and to turn up the brightness when there is motion. You can also set it to keep the brightness turned up for 1, 5, or 20 minutes, so if you have to root around the trunk for a while, you don’t have to worry about the lights going out on you right away.

You can also set it to stay on with a “manual override” for however long you need it.

It’s compatible with PAR38 incandescent bulbs and some PAR38 outdoor LEDs, also available from Home Depot.

Outdoor motion detector lights are a great addition to any home. They provide security by illuminating the area around your home when motion is detected, and they also provide light when you arrive home at night. When choosing an outdoor motion detector light for your home, be sure to consider factors such as range, brightness, power source, and ease of installation to find the best model for your needs.

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