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Best Three-stage Snowblowers

If you live in a region with heavy snow that often turns into a slushy disaster, a three-stage snowblower might be for you. These are the most powerful snow blowers – and they may be overkill for most people. But they are a godsend that can save you time, effort, and pain during harsh winters.

We’ve got a few recommended models for you, but first, we’ll discuss a little about what makes these machines useful.

What A Three-Stage Snow Blower Offers

A three-snow snowblower brings you more power than its smaller siblings. It’s the big brother that’s going to take care of the bullies. And in this case, the biggest bully is wet snow and ice.

Single- and two-stage snow blowers can do a fantastic job with light, fluffy snow. That’s usually not an issue. But they just aren’t up to the white stuff when it’s denser.

A three-stage snow blower, though, features a second auger. Instead of a single auger pushing snow to the back of the unit, the two augers work together to push it to the center, chopping it up in the process.

A three-stage snowblower doesn’t necessarily have a more powerful motor than other types. But the different action and extra stage help make the job easier.

Reviews of the Best Three Stage Snow Blowers 

Here are some of the best three-stage snow blowers we’ve found when taking into account quality and price.

Troy-Bilt Vortex 26 in. 357cc Three-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower 

troybilt vortex 3 stage snowblower review

We recently updated the product listed here, as the older, smaller model from Troy-Bilt is no longer available. However, this 26-inch version does a great job, too!

It’ll take out 21 inches of snow in 26-inch wide strips relatively easily. And it’ll toss it about 40 feet out of the way.

It has six speeds forward and two for reverse so it’s handy for any conditions, from simply relocating it to dealing with dense, compacted snow.

Overall, it has a great reputation. We’ve seen very few complaints about it. It’s a quality machine and a good successor to the older model. It’s not the most powerful engine out there, but it still gets the job done.

Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc 3-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

cub cadet 420cc snowblower -3 stage

The most powerful unit on our list, this Cub Cadet unit has a 357 cc motor that should work well enough even with deep snow and slush.

It can handle depths up to 18 inches. And with its LED headlight, you’ll be able to see where you’re going even before dawn or after dusk. 

It throws the snow about 40 feet in optimal conditions, and the chute has a turning radius of 200 degrees.

The tough 12-gauge steel will take a beating, too.

The electric start works great and saves a lot of stress. The controls are easy to use, even with gloves on.

Reviews are mixed, though. We see many rave reviews saying it handles slush with ease, while others claim it constantly clogs. We had good luck with it, and the “pro” assessments outnumber the “cons.” But it’s a lot closer than we’d like it to be.


If you often have to deal with slushy, wet snow, a three-stage snowblower may be the perfect solution for clearing your drive. The extra auger is great for helping break up the more solid chunks that shovels and other blowers struggle with. It’s a big investment financially, so it’s not for everyone. But if your conditions warrant it, it will pay off!

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