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Best Rechargeable Grill Lighters

We’ve come a long way when it comes to lighting the grill! We’re no longer stuck trying to strike a match. We’re not even limited by the length of a power cord! Now, we have all the convenience of rechargeable lighters that we can use in the yard.

How They Work

Portable electric chargers use USB to charge up – just like your cell phone. You can connect them to any standard charger. In a short amount of time, you’ll have enough charge in your battery to be able to use your lighter multiple times. 

All you need to do is press a switch on the charger and an electric current shoots across a narrow gap at the top. This will be enough to light a candle – or start your kindling.

Why They’re Handy

We’ve all struggled with matches at times. Even the slightest dampness can make them useless. And there’s the constant need to buy more – and then keep track of where they are!

Butane lighters are handy and can be reused for extended periods but eventually, they run out of fuel. Plug-in lighters are handy, too, but you have to be near an outlet.

Rechargeable USB lighters are more dependable than matches and can be reused indefinitely. And even when their charge runs out, it’s (almost) always easy to find a USB port to connect them to!

That makes them handier and more portable than other options. Even if you’re planning a camping trip, you can charge them in your car or from a portable charger.

Important Factors To Consider

There isn’t a lot to consider when it comes to these chargers. They all work the same: by creating an arc across the tip. 

As long as they are sturdy and have a decent battery, you’ll be set.

However, we are partial to USB rechargeable grill lights that have flexible nozzles. This makes it easier to reach the exact spot where you want to light the flame. And if you also use them for candles, it’s a great way to better reach the wick.

We also like ones that have a readout of the remaining charge. A LED readout of the percent left is great, but even a series of dots on the tube is useful. Sure, they will hold a charge for a while and aren’t hard to recharge when needed. But it’s always helpful to know in advance how you’re doing!

Alas, even these have a limited lifetime. Like all rechargeable batteries, they will eventually wear out. You’ll notice that a full charge doesn’t last as long as it used to as the capacity starts to deteriorate.

Best Options In Rechargeable Grill Lighters

We’ve checked out a variety of rechargeable USB lighters, and here are our favorites. We think you’ll appreciate them, too.

RONXS Candle Lighter Deluxe

ronxs grill lighter that recharges via USB and has digital readout of charge

The manufacturer claims you can get up to 2000 lights on a single charge with this unit. It has a 1500 mAh battery. That might not seem like a lot compared to the rechargeable batteries we can carry around for our phones, but it’s pretty nice for the work this unit has to do.

It also has a flexible nozzle and a digital readout of the remaining charge.

A cleaning brush and USB cable are included.

SUPRUS Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter

suprus electric grill lighter

This is another model with a lot of upsides. It has a flexible nozzle. It also uses a series of light-up dots on the side of the tube to indicate the remaining charge. It’s not as precise as a digital readout but it still comes in handy.

It’s also available in a variety of colors (check out the options at the link).

It includes a USB cable.


usb chargeable grill lighter from grillmatic

This lighter comes in classic black and silver and does a great job with candles, charcoal, firepits, and campfires. 

The flexible neck moves easily and holds its position so you can get a spark just where you need it.

A small USB cord comes in the package.

Electric Candle Lighter by Fukkuda

fukkuda grill lighter with usb recharger

This lighter, sold by Fukkuda, features a 220mAh battery that can light up about 400 times before needing a recharge. 

It’s got a nice flexible nozzle that lets you reach where you need to get the fire started. 

It features lights to indicate the level of the remaining charge.

All lighters of this style make a high-pitched sound when lit, but we’ve seen more people complain about this one. It can be a matter of age (older people don’t hear in as broad a range as children), but others say their family members have no problem with it, even youngsters.

SUPRUS Electric Lighter

This lighter is the only one on our list that does not have a flexible neck. In itself, that’s a drawback. However, we still find it dependable and easy to use, so we chose to include it anyway.

The battery is 220mAh, which should be good for around 400 charges on one full charge.

It’s also available in a variety of colors. It includes a cord but apparently, it’s non-standard, so your other USB-C cords may not work with it.


For convenience, nothing beats a rechargeable grill lighter. Its USB port allows you to charge it up and use it over and over. Most have flexible necks, too, allowing you to bend them to reach the right spot. We know you’ll appreciate having one of these handy for cookouts, camping, or any other time you need a light!