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Top High End Barbecue Grills

High-end barbeque grills are a great investment for those who love to cook outdoors and want the best possible grilling experience. These aren’t your everyday grill; they’re packed with great features that make it easy to make culinary masterpieces instead of just burgers and hot dogs.

The features you can find in this type of grill vary depending on the brand and model, but some common features include infrared burners, rotisseries, and high-tech equipment found in professional kitchens 2.

These fancier grills cost $2000 and up. That doesn’t mean you can’t find some of the features in lower-priced grills. But if you want all the frills, be prepared to invest a good bit of money!

Features Available In High-End Barbecue Grills

When shopping for a high-end barbeque grill, it’s important to consider the features that are most important to you. 

Infrared Burners

An infrared burner is a great option. Sure, it’s not the same as cooking over charcoal – but neither is a gas grill. An infrared burner in a barbecue grill has several advantages over traditional burners. 

Infrared burners heat up quickly, so you can start grilling in no time. They are also capable of reaching much higher temperatures than traditional burners, with some infrared burners approaching 1,000°F. This high heat allows for faster grilling times and more efficient cooking.

Infrared grills work by emitting heat waves directly onto the food, rather than heating the air around it. This direct heat is more efficient and results in moister, more flavorful food.  


Do you prefer a grill with a rotisserie system for slow-roasting meats? Many of the better grills include a rotisserie system. You’ll love the great, juicy taste of a slow-roasted chicken or prime cut of meat!

Other Features

With a high-end barbecue grill, you can also get a larger cooking area and more burners. That means you can cook various items at once. You’ll have the room as well as the custom heat level you need to prepare steaks, burgers, corn, potatoes, and more all at the same time. 

These grills are also constructed of better materials and are more stable. 

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Our Picks for the Best High-end Barbecue Grill

We know that a high-end barbecue grill is a major investment. So we’ve checked out some of the best and compiled information on them to help you make a better decision. Here are the ones we think are the best choices.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790s

fire magic echelon diamond stainless stell bbq grill

Ready to go all-out with your new grill? The Fire Magic Echelon offers a lot – but it is, by far, the most expensive grill on our list. But you get a ton of features for the price!

The grill’s cooking area is 792 square inches. That’s not huge, but it’s not bad either. However, it has a lot of specialized space. Every part has its use!

You get two regular “E” burners, an infrared burner, a wood chip burner, and a rear quantum burner (which is an infrared burner, basically, but it’s on the back wall of the grill, rather than underneath the cooking area).

There’s even a window in the hood so you can see how everything’s coming along as you cook!

A rotisserie is built-in and has an adjustable motor that extends over the shelf on one side. And yes, you do get shelves on both sides. A charcoal smoker basket is also included.

There’s a fully-enclosed cabinet for your propane tank and two drawers.

A digital readout tells you the interior temperature as well as the reading from the unit’s meat probe. It also controls the oven light. You can even change the backlight colors of the readout. Your burner control knobs are also backlit for easy viewing on cloudy days or as evening rolls in.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a grill that’s so well-built and has such an array of features. It’s not going to be within everyone’s reach financially, but if cooking out is more than just a fun treat for you, you can definitely get your money’s worth out of it!

Weber Summit S-670

weber s670 fancy bbq grill

The Summit S-670 is available in propane or natural gas options, with a small price difference between the two. It’s loaded with great features to help you get the most out of grilling.

The primary cooking area is 624 square inches, and 769 inches overall. It includes a sear station, side burner, and rotisserie bar. There’s also a warming rack that measures 145 square inches.

There are 6 burners, each with its own control. The rotisserie burner is infrared and rear-mounted.

The system uses a combination of D and AAA batteries for the light and digital controls. The temperature gauge is analog, though.

Underneath there is space for a 20-gallon LP tank and some tools.

As usual, Weber produces a quality grill that you’ll be proud to own and enjoy!

Napoleon Prestige PRO BBQ Propane Gas Grill (PRO500RSIBPSS-3)

prestige pro barbeque grill

The Prestige Pro is an awesome grill with a large cooking surface and a lot of power. It’s a great grill and generally beats similar grills for price, too!

There are four burners with an output of 80,000 BTUs over a surface area of 900 square inches. That’s plenty of space for all your grilling tasks!

There’s an infrared rotisserie burning mounted in the back of the grill compartment. A searing area is also part of the grill. Multifunctional shelves are mounted on either side of the grill. There are also a built-in cutting board and ice bucket. 

“Under-hood” lighting and light-up controls are great features, as well. The control colors can be adjusted.

Underneath, there’s space for your LP tank on one side, and shelves on the other.

Lion Premium Grills 40-Inch Liquid Propane Grill L90000 with Single Side Burner

lion L90000 grill and refrigerator

The Lion L90000 is a package deal – it includes a 4.5 cubic foot refrigerator along with a countertop grill! It’s a great start for your outdoor kitchen.

Both pieces are made of stainless steel, so they’ll hold up well while also being easy to clean.

The grill includes a durable rotisserie rod with a motor that can revolve up to 40 pounds of your favorite meat. The infrared back burden alone outputs 15,000 BTU. 

There’s a nice griddle area inside the grill as well as an adjustable warming rack.

It’s not a full unit; you do have to mount it on a counter. However, it does include a door and drawer set for the front of the under-counter. A basic set of grilling tools is also included.

It’s not the best or biggest set, but it’s a wonderful combination when you’re looking to get a nice outdoor kitchen started!


If you want to go all out and get a barbecue grill with all the bells and whistles, you have to spend a bit for it. But with features like infrared burners and a built-in rotisserie, you’ll enjoy the versatility and ease of use that you can only get when you’re ready to invest a bit more. 

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