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Best Butane Lighters For Grills, Fire Pits, and Bonfires

Got a light? When it’s time to get the grill or bonfire started, you don’t want to be without. A reusable butane grill lighter is usually the best bet to get the fire going!

Sure, matches may work, but they often fail. Rubbing sticks together or flint and tinder are even less dependable and antiquated. Of course, you don’t want to waste time fumbling around!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best grill lighters out there. They work well for the stove, fire pit, or campfire, too. We do want to mention that USB-powered rechargeable lighters are now available, too. They look great and we’re going to cover them in a separate article. 

Why They’re Useful

The type of lighter we’re looking at here is useful for several reasons.

First, they’re reliable. At least, the good ones are. All you need to do is pull the trigger to get them to light. The flame stays lit until you release the trigger (as long as you have fuel in it).

Also, they’re reusable. You can use the same lighter repeatedly. You don’t have to throw them out like a match.

They’re safe, too (at least relatively). Since they are longer than matchbook matches, you don’t have to worry about burning your hand trying to get a fire started. 

Finally, they’re cheap. Even the higher-end grill lighters aren’t too expensive. Book matches or a cigarette lighter may be less, but lack in the safety area. 

Need help getting the fire pit going? Here’s a quick guide!

Simple vs. Sophisticated

Ok, “sophisticated” is an exaggeration in every way. But there are different levels of “simple” when it comes to butane grill lighters, at least.

The most basic ones are a straight rod. They usually have a plastic handle inside of which the fuel is stored. The “business end” of the tool is a metal rod that contains the sparking device and out of which the flame comes. 

We think most people just throw the cheaper ones out when there’s no fuel left. You can refill almost any of these, though. It’s easy to do and will save you a few bucks.

Better ones have flexible necks so that it’s easier to get the flame exactly where you need it. That can be especially important if you have a barbecue grill with awkwardly-positioned lighter holes. It can also be helpful in other situations when you just need to be able to twist and turn to reach the right spot.

Save By Refilling

You’ll pay a little more for one of these fancier lighters. So it can be worthwhile to refill, rather than replace, them. Almost all of these “long lighters” have a small hole in the base of the handle where you can add butane.

It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. And it’s worthwhile if you have one of the nicer lighters.

We’ll note below, but sometimes lighters cannot be shipped with fuel included. It depends on the shipping method. So be sure to read closely and invest in a can of butane if you’ll need it.

The Best Butane Grill and Fire Lighters

Let’s have a quick look at some quality lighters that will help get your bonfire, barbecue grill, or other fire started quickly and easily!

Flexible Neck Butane Lighter

flexible stem butane lighter
  • Butane not included

We appreciate the flexibility and durability of this first of two “fancier” lighters we’ll look at.

The metal neck measures 6 inches long. The handle is 5.3 inches. 

Even after being flexed often, this lighter remains strong. We’ve had no problem with it “drooping” at all.

You can adjust with a simple ring on the bottom of the handle. It’s a bit different than most other lighters. And it may be tougher for people who have trouble gripping small objects or if you have large fingers. However, you could slide a small piece of metal or wood through it to make it easier.

 The igniter button is easy to click and hold. The flame is strong and it’s a decent size on the highest setting.

There’s also a 12-month guarantee on this item.

Larruping Torch Lighter Candle Butane Lighter

torch lighter for fires and bbq
  • Butane not included
  • Available in different colors

To be honest, there aren’t many differences between this and the model reviewed above. We had to look at them twice online to be sure they are, indeed, different products.

It’s equally flexible;.it’s also strong and holds up under repeated use.

It can be a bit different to see the fuel level through the window if you don’t have the right lighting. So you have to be careful not to overfill it (you’ll notice the spillage right away, so it’s not a huge deal). The tank isn’t very large, either, so you might have to fill it often.

Overall, it’s a handy tool. The flame adjuster is on the base of the handle. It’s easy to use, again similar to the one we reviewed above.

One of the “fancier” features of this lighter is that it comes in three different color schemes: black, rose gold, and silver.

3 Pack King BKOU172 Multi Utility Lighter

king grill lighters
  • Butane included
  • Not refillable

King offers this pack of three lighters that do a great job with the basics. 

It does have a “great and yet annoying” feature, though: a childproof safety. You have to push a slide switch on top while you’re squeezing the trigger to get this to light. It can take some getting used to!

The flame adjustment is on the handle, just behind and above the trigger.

There’s a window on one side to see how much fuel is left. Of course, that does little more than let you know when to buy more since these can’t be refilled. Still, for the price, they’re not bad.

4 Pack Scripto AIM ‘N Flame Multi-Purpose Lighters

colorful 4-pack of scripto lighters
  • Butane included
  • Not refillable

Scripto makes a good lighter, and this 4-pack fits the bill. They are childproofed, too, which can make them a bit harder to manipulate. But overall the feature isn’t too hard to manage.

The flame is strong, but it’s similar to a cigarette lighter’s, although a bit bigger. It’s not the “torch” type available with some better long lighters. 

We have seen a lot of reports that they do not come as a pack of 4 identical lighters. This seems to vary from order to order, or perhaps from time to time. Some people say they’ve gotten a pack with two straight lighters, a foldable one, and one with a flexible nozzle. While those others can be useful, you may want to exercise caution if you only want the type pictured.

6 Pack Butane Gas Lighters 11″

simple black handled butane long lighters
  • Butane not included

This pack of 6 grill and fire lighters is simple but gets the job done.

There’s no child lock on these. However, the igniter is usually a bit tough; you’ll need a strong trigger finger to light up!

They are decent and get the job done. And that’s all you need. We have seen some complaints that they leak, but we haven’t seen that. We’ve also seen complaints that they arrive empty (or nearly empty). However, when we read the description, that was clearly stated. So we can’t take points away for that! Maybe the description was updated, or perhaps some buyers didn’t read it completely.


A long butane grill lighter is a blessing for starting your charcoal or gas grill, your fire pit, bonfire, or even candles around the house! You don’t have to spend a fortune for one, either. But you can save some money over time if you get a refillable type. And a flexible tube is great when you need to get just the right angle!

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