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10 Reasons Getting A Shed Is Worthwhile

Sure, all your neighbors have sheds . . .  but do you need one? Is this additional outbuilding something you need on your property? The answer is probably yes! 

There are a lot of great reasons a shed makes sense for most property owners. If you’re in doubt, check these reasons out! Almost everyone will find that one or more of them 

Storage for Yard Equipment

Our first reason for adding a shed is perhaps the most obvious. It’s a wonderful place to store your yard equipment!

A shed gives you the space you need to put away all your shovels, rakes, saws, hoses, and so much more. A large-enough shed even offers space for a ride-on lawnmower or snowblower!

This will free up space inside your house where you previously kept these tools. It also makes them easily accessible.

Keep The Family Safe From Injury

Getting those tools out of the way can also make your yard and house safer. When tools are loose – or stored in places like the mudroom – they can cause injuries minor and major.

It’s far too easy to step on a rake, trip over a cord, or stub your toe on a bucket. And that’s not to mention the chemicals you might keep.

Tools are especially dangerous for young children. So it’s best to keep them locked up someplace safe (the tools, not the kids!)

Storage for Pool Supplies and Chemicals

Pool supplies need good storage space, too. All year long, there are cleaning supplies and chemicals you’ll need to store. And in the off-season, while the pool is closed, you’ll have even more items that need a home.

A shed offers space for your pool equipment. But it also provides safety for things like chlorine and pool cleaning chemicals that should be kept away from children and away from your home.


A shed also provides a place to keep your tools and other items safe. They’ll have a place, but that place can also be secured. This can prevent loss and damage to valuable items!

By making sure that tools are returned to their proper place in the shed, you’ll protect them from getting lost or stolen. You’ll also shelter them from the elements so they can last longer.

Hobby Space

Of course, storage isn’t the only reason to have a shed. It can also be a great place to escape and practice a favorite hobby!

A decent-sized shed can be big enough to work on all sorts of pastimes. You could tie flies, sew, whittle, paint, or simply read in this special space!

Using a shed for a hobby gives you a dedicated space where you can escape for a while and relax.


Of course, a shed isn’t just functional. It can be a great-looking addition to your property as well! 

There are many designs available in pre-built sheds. Or you could opt for a custom-built model. In either case, you’ll surely find something that will add to the visual appeal of your yard. It can match the architecture of your home or perhaps create a unique look and feel for a section of your yard.

Already convinced? Check out these pre-built garden sheds!

Protection from Critters on Four, Six, Eight, Or More Legs

A shed is a great way to shield your possessions from all sorts of curious and hungry creatures. 

Most sheds aren’t sealed as tightly as your house, of course. But they can still discourage animals, from insects on up, from harming equipment. The shed can also help keep birdseed and other animal food from being eaten by or infested with rodents or bugs.

Space to Get Away

Sometimes, we all need a little escape. It might be from the hustle and bustle of the family. Or maybe it’s just from seeing all the chores that need doing in the house proper. 

A shed can provide a small escape. Whether you use it for storage, as a hobby room, or for something else, it can provide a few minutes – or hours – of peace and quiet!

A custom-built shed is a great option, too!

A Giant Toy Box

Of course, you can store toys in your shed, not only tools! That can include children’s toys or items for adult pastimes.

It’s a great place to store items that your children use outdoors, such as sleds, soccer equipment, toy trucks, and other items. It can also be a fantastic storage area for skis, horseshoes, and other items.

Property Value

With all those many uses, it’s obvious that a shed can help raise your property value! A good-looking shed offers so many possible uses.

If you’re looking to sell your home, a shed can be a bonus for potential buyers. They, like you, will appreciate its utility, versatility, and appearance.


A shed can serve many uses. It will serve to help you get organized and keep your possessions in a safe place. At the same time, it can even make your yard look better and add value to your home! Almost every home can benefit from this great addition. All you have to do now is pick out the size and style you want!

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