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Which Pre-Built Shed Should You Buy?

If you’re serious about taking care of your lawn and garden, you’re going to accumulate a lot of tools. They can run from the small implements like trowels all the way up to a big ride-on mower. As your collection grows, you’re going to need a place to store everything! And that’s when you need to consider a shed.

If you’re thinking of buying a shed, you’ve found the right place. We’ll look at some great pre-built sheds. But first, let’s consider why pre-built can be a good option and what you should consider.

Why A Shed? 

A shed is a perfect place to store all sorts of items. Garden tools, pool supplies, outdoor tools, kayaks, and many other items can find their ideal home in this outbuilding!

Of course, there are many other places you could store them. The basement is a possibility, but that means hauling them up and down steps whenever you need them (and how will you get the snowblower down there, anyway???). The garage is an even better idea – but that can quickly leave you without a place to keep your car.

There can also be safety issues with storing equipment in a connected part of the house. For instance, you probably don’t want to store gas, even in a gas can, in the building. And if you have young children, some of the tools might be dangerous to them. At the same time, it might be hard to isolate connected parts of the house.

A shed offers a space designed to store items in a space not connected to your home. You have a wide variety of sizes to choose from (or even build yourself). And it’s a great place to escape to if you need a bit of peace and quiet!

Why Consider A Pre-Built Shed?

Sure, you could decide to build a shed or have one built for you. But if you’re not skilled in construction, you have to worry about its stability and looks. If you hire someone to design and build it for you, you end up paying more.

That’s not that those aren’t fantastic options, but they have their downsides, too. They take more time than buying a prebuilt unit. The latter will likely require more money, too. And you’re left worrying about how it will end up.

A prebuilt shed may cost more than a do-it-yourself model. But it’s easier to set up – and you can even have it installed for you. You also have a bit more assurance that you get what you were expected.

Of course, you can also have a shed built for you, or build one yourself. This can take longer and cost more, but also help you meet your particular needs.

What To Look For In A Pre-built Shed

A shed is a pretty simple construction. There are two main factors to keep in mind when picking one: size and stability.

Of course, you want a shed that’s big enough to hold your tools (and whatever else you want to store there). You may even want enough space to do some work inside, too. 

That does take a bit of thought because you have to think about the tools you already have but also about any you might want to add. Already have a snowblower but plan to get a ride-on mower? Don’t forget to include that! Want a spot for repotting plants or sharpening tools? Make sure you’ll have enough room to walk around inside. Don’t forget you want enough space so that you can easily get to the tools you need on any given day without having to remove everything else, too!

You also want a shed to stand up to the weather. It doesn’t need to be comfortable, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it falling down around you, either. It should also be waterproof and keep out the wind, too.

Another factor worth considering is access to electricity. It’s easy enough to get long-lasting LEDs that run on batteries to light the room. However, if you plan to run power tools in the shed, you’ll have to have an electrician run a line to the shed. With a pre-built shed, you can even ask if it already has outlets and light fixtures installed.

Pre-built sheds come in various materials. The most common are resin, wood, and metal. All are quality materials. Resin is usually the most resistant to the weather. Metal is durable, but the inside of the shed can heat up more quickly than the others. Wooden sheds may be the easiest to make adjustments to, such as adding a new window or electric outlet.

Our Picks for the Best Garden Sheds

If you’re in the market to buy a garden shed, you’re in luck! We’ve looked at some of the best ones. You’ll find them broken down by material here. And we’ve made sure to look at a variety of sizes!

Ordering online has a couple of advantages, too. If you have a truck and can pick it up, that’s great – the store will have it waiting for you! If you need it delivered, Home Depot has you covered. They’ll even assemble it for you (additional charges may apply).

Resin Sheds

You won’t have to paint resin, and it stands up well to the elements. 

Lifetime 15 ft. x 8 ft. Outdoor Garden Shed

lifetime large resin shed

Our first entry offers a huge amount of space – 400 square feet! It’s great if you have a ride-on mower or snowblower. Even with that, you’ll still have room to move around and maybe even set up a workbench.

The construction is high-quality. It’s steel-reinforced throughout, including the doors. The resin is tough enough to stand up to the weather and resistant to ultraviolet rays so it won’t fade or weaken under the sun.

If you live in an area that gets snow or rain, you’ll also appreciate the steep pitch of the roof. These weather menaces will slide off easily so that their weight doesn’t cause structural damage.

This model does have a floor. It’s advertised as slip-resistant, and we found that to be pretty accurate. Of course, you have to be careful to clean up spills that could cause issues.

The windows are shatterproof. There’s even a skylight that allows you to rely on natural light during the daytime rather than resorting to electric lighting.

Inside, the shed is a single open area. The double-door opening is 5 feet wide, allowing easy entry for ride-on equipment. Shelving is customizable.

The windows help with ventilation but there’s also a vent at either end below the peak of the roof.

The overall shipping weight is over 700 pounds. It’s normally shipped on a pallet. The best way to move it is to unwrap the pieces on the pallet and move them individually.

The biggest issue with this shed is assembly. Of course, any construction this size can take some effort. But the instructions could be much clearer. Parts aren’t labeled, either, so you have to be careful to look at them carefully to make sure you’re connecting them correctly.

There is a ten-year warranty on this shed.

Rubbermaid Big Max 7 ft. x 7 ft. Storage Shed with Accessory Kit 

rubbermaid 49 square feet resin shed

We’re used to having Rubbermaid products around the kitchen. And they even make good products for outside. But we’re duly impressed with how well they’ve done with this particular garden shed! 

At 49 square feet, it’s not nearly as huge as the model above. But that still provides a good space for storing tools. It’s even enough for a ride-on mower or snowblower with enough space to move around it to fetch other items. The height in the center is over 8 ½ feet.

The floor is stable, although you should be sure it’s set on a good foundation to prevent warping (that’s true for any shed!). The roof pitch is adequate to let rain and snow slide off, although when there’s heavy snow, it’s always a good idea to give it some help.

The only windows are those in the front doors, and they’re small, so you can’t expect much light from them. There’s a vent in the rear below the roof.

Four “accessories” are included to help hang your tools. There are two hooks designed to hold power tools. One hook can hold a narrow-handled tool like a rake or shovel. And a small basket is suitable for small garden implements. You can buy more such accessories, too, as well as shelves. The walls are designed like pegboards to easily attach the hooks and baskets. The accessory kit is only available when the product is purchased through Home Depot.

The total weight of the shipped product is around 350 pounds, so you might want some help to move it and put it together. Rubbermaid does suggest that it’s a two-person job. It’ll take 4 to 5 hours to get the job done.

Most of the complaints we’ve seen with the Rubbermaid Big Max shed have to do with assembly problems. The complaints are few, but we have seen some that say the pieces don’t line up correctly when you’re trying to put them together.

Rubbermaid provides a 10-year warranty on this shed.

Suncast 5 ft. 10.5 in. x 3 ft. 8.25 in. x 6 ft. 5.5 in. XL Vertical Storage Shed

This model from Suncast is smaller than other sheds on our list, but it’s a sturdy piece that is great for storing hand tools. It might not serve for doing any work inside it, but it will keep everything neat and organized – and out of the way!

Its 106 cubic feet of storage space is protected by double doors that can be secured with a padlock. The hasp is installed, although you have to buy the lock on your own.

The doors measure a hair under six feet high. That means that most people will have no problem reaching in to get what you’re looking for. The taller among us, though, will have to duck.

That height also provides a lot of space for long-handled tools.

The shed may be only 3 feet 8 inches deep, but that’s still plenty of space for all the basics. No, it’s not where you’ll be storing a ride-on mower. But it’s great for most other uses, and even for storage of a lot of other equipment!

Wooden Sheds

Besides the classic look and feel, you can paint your wooden shed! 

Handy Home Products Majestic 8 ft. x 12 ft. Wood Storage Shed

handy home products wooden shed

The Majestic from Handy Home Products offers a great classic look and quality construction. And it’s not bad on space, either!

With about 96 square feet of floor space, you’ll have room for storing almost any equipment you can have. It can easily accommodate a ride-on blower or mower and a full array of other tools.

Transom windows over the doors allow limited natural light. The walls are 7-feet high, allowing ample room for almost anyone. There’s also an 8-foot long workbench.

The door opening is 64 inches wide. You’ll easily be able to fit a larger mower while allowing space to reach other tools.

You also don’t need to worry about a hasp and padlock with this shed. A standard door lock is built-in.

It does take a bit more work and some more supplies to put this together. It takes about five bundles of shingles to do the roof, and these are sold separately. No cutting or special skills are required, but be prepared to use a hammer! The doors are pre-hung, though, making it a much easier job.

You’ll have to build a base for the floor. A good concrete foundation will help it stand, and you’ll want to build a wood frame on top of that.

It can withstand 110 mph winds – that’s pretty durable!

Handy Home Products says you only need one person to put this together, but we definitely recommend 2 or 3. It weighs over 1100 pounds, to start. 

The biggest issue with this seems to be that too often, the pieces come warped or damaged. This is a small percentage of cases but still seems far too high. Be sure to inspect it carefully on receipt.

This shed carries a 10-year warranty.

Tuff Shed Installed Tahoe Tall Ranch 10 ft. x 12 ft. x 8 ft. 10 in. Painted Storage Building

ranch style wooden shed

If you want an all-in-one kit – right down to the installation – you may want to buy this shed from Tuff Shed. It’s got tons of space, too! Both the roof and floor systems are included, as well. 

With 120 square feet of floor space and a center height of almost 9 feet, you’ll love that you can fit so many tools in it. It’s also got a great ranch look to it.

When looking at the price, remember that this includes the installation, so it’s higher than similarly-sized counterparts.

The double doors are reinforced with steel for added stability and durability. They open to a huge 70 inches wide, making it simple to get any garden tool inside.

The floor and roof materials are included. Yes, that includes the shingles as well. The floor is built on a galvanized steel frame.

There are also 10 feet of shelves included. At 24 inches deep, they provide ample room for working or storage.

There are vents in both the front and back, allowing great cross-ventilation. However, there are no windows. So you’ll either have to rely on what light comes through the door or add artificial lighting.

There’s a 5-year limited warranty on workmanship and materials.

Handy Home Products Installed Montana 8 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Storage Shed

handy homes wooden shed

Get a great barn-style shed that’s durable and large enough for your basic garden needs! The Montana from Handy Home Products offers 80 square feet of floor space and includes installation.

The gable-style roof means you get more overhead space for storage, too. The side walls are six feet high but rise steeply to a center height of 10 feet. This allows for a generous loft storage area. The loft is 4 feet deep.

There’s a single window over the front doors. The doors measure 64 inches wide and are 6-feet high. That’s ample space for moving equipment in and out, although some people may have to duck to get in.

The roofing, including shingles, is included.

The walls come primed, but you’ll have to spring for – and apply – the paint yourself. That part isn’t included in the cost.

Most of the complaints we’ve seen about this shed have to do with the installation, not the product itself. We suggest keeping an eye on the crew and make sure they install it correctly with no extra pieces or slipshod work.

There’s a ten-year limited warranty on this shed.

Metal Sheds

Metal is durable. You can paint it according to your preferences, too. But you need to be sure to protect it against rust. And it can get incredibly hot in there! Windows are less common in metal sheds and none of the sheds we review here have any.

Duramax Building Products Pent Roof 8 ft. x 6 ft. Light Gray Metal Shed with Skylight

duramax metal shed

This shed is a perfect fit for your yard. It’s on the small side but makes a wonderful place to store all your gardening equipment.

With 48 square feet of floor space, it’s not a huge building. But if your goal is to give a home to your power tools, shovels, rakes, and the like, then this is a great fit. You can fit a ride-on vehicle in it, although it will be pretty tight.

Tough galvanized steel helps this shed withstand the elements and the wear-and-tear of regular use. 

This shed features sliding doors that open to 39.75 inches. That’s another factor to consider if you want to use it for ride-on mowers or plows. Most will fit, sure, but it will be tight. There are eyelets on the handles for locking the door with a padlock. Be aware, though, that these are made of plastic and not meant for strong security.

The shed’s style is considered a “lean-to”. The roof is highest in the front and slopes toward the back. There are two small windows above the front doors. There’s also a skylight.

You’ll need some basic tools to put this unit together. Also, there is no floor with it. You’ll have to provide your own floor and foundation. A floor framing kit, though, is sold separately.

Overall, this is a good basic shed. It’s sturdy enough to stay standing, but there are models made of thicker metal (including from Duramax itself). If you need a basic shed that will protect your tools from the elements, this is a great basic unit. 

Duramax covers this garden shed with a 15-year warranty.

Arrow Woodlake 8 ft. x 6 ft. Metal Storage Building

arrow woodlake metal shed

This metal garden shed from Arrow is, like the one above, on the small side. But it’s a tough building that will keep your tools safe and help you get more organized.

Its 48-square-foot interior area gives ample space for tools. It can handle a ride-on although it doesn’t leave much space for moving about. 

The woodgrain exterior look is unique – to be honest, it isn’t our favorite. It looks more like an indoor look. However, it could blend in well, depending on the plants and fence that surround it.

The walls are 62 inches high. For most people, that means you’ll have to watch your head. Even in the center, it’ll be a bit tight, measuring just under 70 inches high. However, it works well for storage.

A floor frame kit is included but the flooring itself is not. You can construct a cement pad or build another type of base.

The sliding double doors latch shut. When open, you’ll have 43.5 inches of width and feet of height to enter and exit.

This is a lightweight building. It’s best for basic lawn and garden use. But if you need something that gets heavy use or could be subject to high windows, it might not be the best choice.

This shed has a 10-year warranty.

Arrow Newport 10 ft. by 8 ft. Galvanized Steel Shed

arrow dakota metal shed

If you’re looking for a sturdy shed with a decent amount of space, the Newport from Arrow will serve you well. The Newport has 80 square feet of space – enough for a lot of equipment, including your ride-on mower or another lawn-care vehicle.

It has a sloped roof that reaches 6 feet 4 inches in the center. That might make it tough if you’re tall, but it’s high enough to store almost any tool. You won’t waste any extra space, even if you might feel a little cramped. 

The sliding doors open to 55.5 inches and are 65 inches high. They feature a built-in lock as well. As with most sheds, the lock would be pretty easy to break if someone really wanted to, but at least it will keep the curious away.

Arrow estimates that it will take 12 hours to get this structure put together. A two-person team is ideal for the task.

No flooring kit is included, so be prepared to level your ground and build your own base.

The warranty on this shed is for 12 years.


Your tools deserve a home of their own where they can be safe and secure. And a garden shed is the perfect spot for them! It will help protect them from the elements and theft. There are many sizes available as well as a variety of styles and materials. Be sure to think over your needs then make your decision as to which is best for you!

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