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Important Tools And Supplies For Your Swimming Pool

Taking care of your pool isn’t the fun part. But it is a necessity. Even though it’s a hassle, though, it’s worthwhile. And having the right tools on hand makes every project easier!

We’ve examined our pool care routine and asked others about theirs. That helped us come up with this list of the most important tools and parts you’ll want on hand to care for your swimming pool. 

So check your shed and make sure you have everything ready! It’ll save you time all through the season.

Telescopic pole

A telescopic pole with standard clips is useful for so many things around the pool! 

Sure, it’s simple, but it’s so adaptable. You’ll be using your telescopic pole with at least three attachments on this list.

Poles come in various lengths, and you’ll want to choose one suited to your pool’s width. The wider the pool, the more you want to telescope!

Skimmer Net

You’ll likely keep your skimmer net on the end of your telescoping pole more than any other attachment. 

Skimming is one of those basic activities that you’ll do nearly every time you use the pool. It’s vital to help keep the most obvious contaminants out, like leaves and dead bugs!

Pool Brush

Another cleaning tool, the brush will help you deal with the much that can build up on the sides of the pool. Just snap it on your telescoping pole and push it along the sides! 

Of course, you could also take it in hand without the pole, and do the work up-close. And sometimes that might be necessary.

In either case, your pool brush will help keep your water healthy and clear!

Pool Vacuum

Of course, all kinds of junk reaches the bottom of the pool, too. So a manual pool vacuum is great for sucking it up.

You’ll hook up its hose to your pump and let it do the work of sucking up waste. And yet again, your telescoping pole comes in handy as the main handle for your vacuum!

Of course, there are now automatic and robotic pool vacuums, too. They can save you time if you have a larger pool. But they’ll also put a bigger dent in your budget.

Test kit

The health of your pool water isn’t based only on what you can see. The chemical balance of your water is important, too. And you’ll need a quality pool water test kit to make sure things are all in good shape. 

Test kits come with various levels of sophistication and measure different chemicals. You can go just for the basics or get a more extensive kit. There are even devices that will send you a message when you need to add chemicals to get things properly aligned!

Pool Shock (And Other Chemicals)

Water is life – but in your pool, it can get pretty dirty! It can be harmful to your skin and the inside of your body, as well. 

To keep the water healthy, you’ll need to regularly treat it with a variety of chemicals. The most important of these is chlorine, which serves to kill bacteria and adjust the pH of the water. When you first open the pool, after heavy use, or when it’s contaminated with rainwater, you’ll likely need to use a chlorine shock. Of course, there are also alternatives to chlorine. But it’s still the most common sanitizing agent.

But you’ll also want algaecide to kill algae. You may need to adjust the alkalinity, enzyme levels, and metal levels, too.

All these chemicals can be harmful if not handled the right way. So be sure to store and use them correctly and with proper personal protective equipment.

Filter cleaner

A pool’s filter is a valuable tool for keeping the water clean. But sometimes, it needs a good cleaning on the inside, too.

Filter cleaner can be used when you’re opening or closing your pool to help flush out the inside of the filter itself. That will help it run smoothly from year to year!

You don’t need it often, but it’s always good to have it when you need it!

Filter Cartridges and/or Media

There are various types of filters, but all of them use a cartridge and some media to do their job the right way.

Sometimes, those can be cleaned and reused. But eventually, they need to be replaced. And it’s always better to have a spare set in storage so you don’t have to hunt it down when you need it.


A simple bucket is surprisingly useful around the pool. You can fill it with water to pour across the deck for cleaning. But you can also use it to mix pool chemicals before adding them to the pool. It’s also great for rinsing out filter cartridges. 

And when you’re all finished, you can use it to carry your chemicals and small tools back to the shed! 

Teflon tape

A roll of Teflon tape is handy in case you need to reattach a hose – and you’ll have a lot of them to attach! 

Simply wrap the tape around the threads of the hose before screwing it in. It will help provide a tight, leak-proof seal.

Teflon lube

Many hoses and other connections come with O-rings, also known as “washers.” A bit of Teflon lube can help them seal more tightly.

Screwdriver and wrench

Basic tools are a big help, too. You may have to adjust a railing, attach the pool ladder, or do other routine maintenance. 

It’s always good to keep a set of these pieces of hardware near your pool equipment.

Pool Cover

Finally, a pool cover goes a long way to keeping your pool clean. There are covers to put in place between uses, and others that are for the off-season. These will keep out litter, leaves, junk, and even animals. That way the rest of your maintenance will be easier!

There are automatic, roll-away covers for inground pools and other types of cover suitable for above-ground pools.


A swimming pool is such a refreshing part of your property. It can be a bit of work to maintain it. But keeping the appropriate tools and supplies on hand always makes life easier and more enjoyable. Be sure you’ve got everything you need so you can splash around in peace!

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