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Best Telescoping Poles For Swimming Pool Cleaners

Cleaning the pool is an essential chore but doing it right means you need a long reach! A telescopic pole is vital whether you’re skimming the surface or vacuuming the pool floor. Usually, a pool skimmer includes a pole, but what can we do if it’s not long enough or if it breaks? We’ve found some great replacements for you!

What A Telescopic Pole Is Good For

A telescopic pole is lightweight and adjustable. It allows you to skim the pool or manipulate the floor cleaner while you stand on the pool deck.

To do these jobs correctly, you need a long pole. You have to be able to extend your cleaning implement at least halfway across the pool, after all! Then you can move to the other side to clean the other half.

But pools are wide; a five- or six-foot pole isn’t going to do you any good. Instead, you need something about 16 feet for even the smallest pool. Remember, it has to be even longer than half the width of your pool. You also have to account for your height and the depth of the pool. It’s that whole Pythagorean theorem thing we learned in high school!

Other Uses For Your Pool’s Telescopic Pole

It’s always good when you can find other uses for a tool, and there are a couple for your telescopic pole.

Let’s start with what they’re not good for, though. In general, the type of pole you get for cleaning your pool isn’t rigid enough for a tree saw extension. Nor are they good for supporting heavy weights at the end; they tend to be too flexible for that.

However, if you have second-floor windows that need washing, you can just put a squeegee on the end of your telescopic pole to get the job done without a ladder. You might also find them useful for putting strings of lights in a tree – you’ll just need a hook attachment.

What To Consider

Even in something as simple as a pole, there are a couple of things to look out for.


You want to be sure that the pole you get is long enough for the task at hand. Remember that it has to be more than half the width of your pool so that you can reach the middle! 

Locks Tight

Of course, sometimes you’ll be using the pole at shorter lengths. The whole point of a telescopic pole is that it can be adjusted. With most poles, there’s a simple connector between sections that you twist to lock or unlock.

Be sure the locks hold tightly so that the pole doesn’t slip!

Connection Size

Almost all poles come in a standard size, which is 1 ¼ inches. Almost all poles and accessories work with this standard. But it’s worth double-checking!


Telescopic poles are almost always made of hollow aluminum tubes, so they are light. You want it as light as possible, of course, so that you can easily move it.  You’ll have enough weight at the other end from the skimmer full of leaves!


As much as you want your pole to be lightweight, it still needs to be strong enough to support the tool at the other end. That could be the skimmer or vacuum. Remember that you’ll have resistance from the water, too.

Which Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole To Buy

Let’s have a look at some of your best options when it comes to getting a new telescopic pole for use with your pool.

Skimlite 9018 3-Piece Dual-Locking Telescoping Pool Cleaning Pole

telescoping pole from skimlite for pool skimmers

This pole is expensive, but it is sturdier than other models. So its durability should pay off in the long term.

It’s strong and supports your work without bending or breaking. It has two locks and can extend between 6 and 18 feet.

Like many other models, there is sometimes a problem with the locks. They get stuck and sometimes not even a wrench can help. That means you may not be able to extend or collapse the pole.

ProTuff 16-Foot Telescoping Swimming Pool Pole

protuff 16 foot swimming pool telescopic pole

With this pole, you can adjust between 8 and 16 feet. It also uses thicker aluminum than alternatives. That means it weighs a bit more but it’s more resistant to bending.

The weight is the biggest issue with this. Unlike most other poles we’ve looked at, it doesn’t have any significant problems with the locking mechanism.

The only other issue is the price – at the time we’re writing this, it’s the most expensive model we’ve reviewed.

There’s also a lifetime warranty on this piece. However, we’ve seen complaints about prolonged response times.

U.S. Pool Supply Professional 16 Foot Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole

US Pool pole for swimming pool skimmers

This pole extends from 8 to 16 feet. That should let you work your way around a 26-foot wide pool with ease.

It’s lightweight and easy to use. We recommend not extending it completely, though. It’s been known to bend if used at full length. Also, when it’s locked in place, it can be difficult to loosen again. Fortunately, it can be returned to the manufacturer for up to a year.

Swimline 21-Foot Telescoping Pole

21 foot telescoping pole for swimming pools

Need a bigger pole? Swimline’s got you covered! This one extends to a full 21 feet.

That gives you great reach but makes it more difficult to maneuver. Of course, that will be the case no matter how good the pole is. 

We found that this one would sometimes slip – the section locks aren’t as tight as they should be. It tends to slip at times.

Of course, the extra length does add a bit to the weight but it’s still light enough to handle.

YEECHUN Professional 15 Foot Swimming Pool Pole Telescopic

15 foot swimming pool telescopic pole

From the longest pole on our list, we move to the shortest. This one is only 15 feet when extended but does a decent job of getting the job done. (There is also a 12-foot version available at the same link).

It has three sections, which means there are two locks. The locks work pretty well and have enough “grip” that you shouldn’t have problems tightening them, even when your hands are wet. However, they do sometimes slip.

It holds up pretty well and doesn’t tend to bend with normal use. The price is great, too.


A telescopic swimming pool pole is a necessity to help keep your pool clean while you stay dry. When you need to replace one, make sure you get one that’s lightweight but durable. Above all, it needs to be long enough to reach all corners of the pool!

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