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How To Vacuum Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool

When your swimming pool starts to look – or feel – a bit slimy, it’s time to get the vacuum out! This is the quickest and easiest way to provide basic maintenance to keep the floor of the pool clean. That also means you can enjoy it more!

In this article, we’re going to concentrate on vacuuming an above-ground pool. There are some differences between caring for an inground pool and an above-ground one, and we thought it would be clearer to separate the two.

So let’s get into what you’ll need to suck the gunk out of your swimming hole!


Here’s what you’ll need to start vacuuming your pool:

Pre- Vacuum

Before you start vacuuming, it’s always a good idea to use a net skimmer to remove debris from the surface of the pool. And if you can reach any other large debris below the surface, pull that out, too. 

Steps To Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

Connect Hose and Tube

Start the process by putting your vacuum unit together. Connect the telescoping pole and the tube to the vacuum head. Be sure they’re attached securely so the head doesn’t come off at the floor of the pool.

Place Vacuum in Water

Once assembled, place the vacuum in the pool. Try to keep the hose from tangling with the pole or around your feet! 

Keep the head of the vacuum against the floor of the pool and lean the pole against the side so you can easily perform the next steps.

Fill Tube With Water

To make the process work efficiently, you need to remove air from the tube. 

Take the free end of the hose and place it against a return jet in the pool. This rapid injection of water will force air out. Water bubbles will come out of the vacuum head. 

Connect To Your Pool Skimmer

Once the bubbles stop, place the hose inside the skimmer plate. This is sometimes called a vacuum plate or skimmer dish.

This is the drain that pulls water out of the pool into the filter, so your vacuum will loosen and send debris that way, too!


Slowly move the vacuum head across the pool floor. Try to keep it flat against the floor so that you don’t lose suction.

You may have to move around to different parts of the pool to reach the whole area.

Remove and Clean The Vacuum

Once you’ve vacuumed the whole bottom, you can remove the vacuum. We recommend doing that before separating the other end of the hose from the skimmer plate.

Be sure to rinse the vacuum head, pole, and tube with a hose before storing them!


You’ll love your pool a lot more when you keep it clean. Vacuuming isn’t too hard, although it can be annoying at times. But this chore can provide you with tons of extra enjoyment over the course of the summer!

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