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Which Dibbber Do You Dig?

I never heard of dibbers growing up, but it’s a great tool for gardening! I guess I saw dibbers – or at least improvised ones – but never knew what they were called. This simple tool makes it quick and easy to create holes for seeds and seedlings. It’s just the right size and shape to do the job perfectly!

What A Dibber Does

A dibber does one thing but does it extraordinarily well. It makes a hole of a specific size and shape. 

And that hole is just the right size and depth for planting most seeds or small transplants.

The tip is pointed and tapered to make it easy to insert it into the soil. It’s often made of stainless steel. There are several handle designs so you can easily push it into the ground

What To Look For In A Dibber

A dibber is one of the simplest tools you can find. Just keep your eyes open for a few factors.


Dibbers are all pretty close to one another in size. The pointed end is around 4 inches long and the handle is about another 4. 

You don’t need anything bigger than this. Seeds don’t have to be planted too deeply. And this is a tool you use with one hand, so the handle doesn’t need to be that large, either.


Most dibbers are made of wood and have metal heads. There are also some made out of hard plastic. Older ones were sometimes carved out of a single piece of wood.

You can find quality tools made of any of these. We prefer the wooden handle with 


If you do a lot of planting, comfort is always a factor worth considering. You want a dibber that doesn’t hurt your wrist or fingers as you use it.

There are several types of handles, although most have T- and L-shaped versions. We’re partial to the T-shaped ones since it’s easier to exert downward pressure. But it’s a personal preference; choose the one you think will be best for you.

Our Picks For The Best Dibbers

Here are our favorite dibbers – we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with any of them!

Spear & Jackson 4062NB Elements Dibber 

spear & Jackson dibber

This is a high-quality dibber with a wooden T-shaped handle and metal point.  

The handle is ash, so you know it’s durable. The point is an unspecified metal, although it seems durable. It’s also coated with epoxy to help protect it. 

Gardtech Hand Dibber with Wooden Handle

gardtech hand dibber

This dibber has a t-shaped wooden handle and a stainless steel head. It should serve you well for years!

The handle is well-assembled and fits nicely in the hand. 

The head is graduated to help you plant your seeds at the right depth. We’ve seen some in inches and others in centimeters, so we’re not sure if there’s rhyme or reason to which you’ll get. But the conversions are easy, and most seed packets will include both measurements, anyway!

Draper 36981 Garden Dibber

draper garden dibber with green L handle

Draper makes this dibber with a plastic L-shaped handle and metal head.

If you prefer this style of handle, this is a great alternative. It’s reasonably well put together, so unless you plunge it hard into a boulder, it should hold up fine.

It allows for a hole up to 7 inches deep, which is far more than you’ll ever need for regular planting.

Berry & Bird Hand Dibber

berry & bird hand dibber

From Berry & Bird, this is another dibber made with a wooden handle and stainless steel head. 

Overall, it measures 11.2 inches long; the head is 4.9 inches. 

It’s a tough tool that will do the job well; the only possible improvement would have been to add depth markers.

Zenport GA401 Dibber

zenport garden dibber

This lightweight dibber is made of plastic, but it doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s a solid tool and fits comfortably in the hand. The base of the handle even has ergonomic indentations for your fingers.

The head is also marked with inches to make it easier to get your holes just right. 

A dibber makes it easy to get the perfect hole for seed or seedlings with small root systems. There are many fantastic options to choose from but focus on the durability and the ergonomics of this tool, since it’s otherwise not sophisticated at all.

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