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Great Hanging Grow Bags

Would you like to create a more immersive garden experience, with plants and flowers even coming from the walls? Hanging grow bags are a great way to achieve that incredible effect! Available in many sizes, they work on most walls and support many types of plants.

How They Work

The first time we saw grow bags, they looked like shoe holders! They look remarkably like the shoe pockets that can hang on the back of a door. 

The design is similar. Plant hanging bags may be oriented vertically or horizontally. There is a wide range in the number of pockets. The pockets can be of different sizes. And each of these becomes the home for an individual small plant.

The unit is attached to the wall, preferably with screws or bolts. You add dirt to each pocket and then treat them like flower pots. Plant your plants, water them, and enjoy the beauty!

What To Consider

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your hanging grow bags. You want to be sure they’re durable enough to stay in place and that your flowers or other plants will thrive!


Your bag – no matter its size – has to be durable. It will face the elements and support the weight of soil and plants. That’s a lot of stress!

Plastic and nylon are the most common types. There can be a big difference in diversity from bag to bag. Of course, the strength and durability are relative to the number and size of the pockets.


Of course, you’ll need a way to hang your bags. Smaller ones may have loops to hang from posts. Large ones should be attached to the wall with bolts or screws or hung from hooks. 

We recommend choosing grow bags that have metal grommets so they are less likely to tear. Sometimes, they use plastic instead of metal. Nylon hangers may have only sewn edges to provide reinforcement. Nine times out of 10, you’ll want to choose metal, instead.


Any gardener knows that good soil has to have the appropriate drainage for your plants. Many people forget how important drainage is; in reality, it’s a vital factor in hanging flower bags.

Some bag units have drainage holes. Others are made of material porous enough to allow water to escape and run down the back. Avoid any that are non-porous or don’t have holes!


How much space do you want to cover? How many plants do you want to hang? Hanging grow bags come in all sizes. 

Individual pockets can measure from a few inches to a foot across and a range of depths, also. You can buy grow bags with a single pocket or opt for one with 90 or more!

When we want to cover a large area, we prefer to use as few hangers as possible. It’s more economical and looks better, too!

Reviews of the Best Choices for Hanging Grow Bags 

We’ve found some nice hanging grow bags in a variety of sizes. There are many great options out there, so we tried to pick a wide variety here!

Wall Hanging Mount Planter Plant Grow Bag 64 Pocket Planter Grow Bag Black

mr. garden grow bag 64 pockets

This planter is about 3 ¼ feet on each side and has 64 pockets, allowing you to add a lot of plants! It can hold up to 364 quarts of soil. Each pocket is a little under 4 ¾ inches square.

Metal grommets go all the way around, giving you the perfect way to fasten it securely to your wall or fence. They’re well-spaced and plentiful so that no section has to bear too much weight.

This is a nice planter that should hold up well and help your plants thrive!

This product is also available in green – this may be a bit more inconspicuous, especially if your plants haven’t yet filled in.

LITLANDSTAR 90 Pockets Hanging Vertical Wall Planter Wall Mounted Grow Bag

90 pocket hanging grow bag

If you want a larger grow bag hanger, this one may suit you. It’s 43 inches on each side and has a total of 90 pockets. That’s a lot of space to create a colorful flower wall!

It’s made of felt – that sounds problematic, but it seems to hold up well. It also absorbs water and allows it to evaporate instead of staying stuck in the soil. It does it well enough that you can safely use this indoors, as well (but be careful not to overwater!).

It has metal eyelets so you can attach it securely wherever you’d like to hang it. The felt doesn’t seem to stress under the weight of the unit, and the eyelets are spaced well to distribute the weight.

Charguy Hanging Grow Bag

What attracted us to this bag was its educational value. Sure, it’s a quality grow bag in itself. But the transparent front is great for helping children of all ages to understand what goes on under the surface. They’ll be able to see how root systems develop, seek water, and continue to grow. And curious adults will enjoy watching the growth above and below the soil line, too! Of course, it also helps you judge when it’s time to water your plants.

Your purchase includes one hanging planter with 6 pockets. Each pocket is 7″ x 5″ x 8″. The overall piece is 8.5 ” x 5.5″ x 54″.

The back is waterproof, and the bottom of the lowest pocket is reinforced to minimize or even prevent drippage onto the surface below. That’s perfect if it’s hung over a wooden deck, or even concrete; even hard surfaces will stain over time, especially with the residue of soil and fertilizer mixed in the water drops!

Four eyelets on either side make it easy to attach the bag securely.

X XBEN Vertical Wall Hanging Planters, 7 Pockets

7 pocket long grow bag

If you have a small wall, you may prefer this narrow hanging grow bag. It has 7 bags in a single column. It’s 4 feet high by 10 ½ inches wide, and each pocket is 10 ½ by 9 inches with about 7 inches of forward opening. 

Even though overall it’s smaller, it does allow for larger plants since each pocket is so large.

There are a total of 6 metal grommets – 3 down each side. There are also two straps to attach it at the top. We recommend using both, or at least the grommets.

The material is sturdy but porous. If you water the top sections, it will drip down into the lower pockets. It provides sufficient drainage to prevent water from sitting in the pockets.

For this same reason, it’s not for indoor use; you’d end up with water stains on the wall and floor!

Maxmartt 36 Pocket Hanging Pocket Planter

36 large pockets grow bag

This planter is large overall but has fewer pockets. Of course, that means each one is quite a bit larger!

The full piece measures 39 ⅓ inches square. Each pocket is a hair under 6 inches square. It’s a wonderful way to cultivate plants that grow a bit larger or need more space for roots.

You can use the 36 spots for herbs, flowers, vines, or whatever you like. 

Sturdy metal grommets will hold it in place and keep it from tearing. The material is stable and allows water to drain slowly.


Hanging grow bags are a great way to let your gardening drive you up the wall – literally! They offer more flexibility than flowerpots while saving space. You’ll love the ease of installation and the opportunity they present to add color and life to your fence, walls, and more.

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