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A Guide To ‘Smores!

With some snacks, you just can’t resist having some more! But only one is so delicious and beloved that “some more” became their name! ‘Smores are so incredible! 

You may associate them most with summer camp or family camping trips, but it’s easy to make ‘Smores in your backyard, too! They’re incredibly simple to prepare. It’s hard to imagine how so much good taste can come from so little effort!

We’re going to have a look at what you need to prepare ‘Smores over a grill, fire pit, or campfire. You can even prepare them in your oven – but we’ll send you elsewhere for information on how to do it!


There are just three simple ingredients for making ‘Smores. They are:

You’ll also need marshmallow roasting sticks. You could gather pointy sticks from your yard, or you could buy a set like these.

How To Toast ‘Smores

Making ‘smores doesn’t take much work, luckily!

To start, break your graham cracker in half and place a piece of your chocolate bar on one half.

Next, toast a marshmallow. You’ll want to get it really hot so that they’re gooey! Let them catch fire and give them time for the insides to melt.

Then place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and graham cracker. Use the other half of the cracker to top it all off! The heat from the marshmallow will help melt the chocolate.

Press the other half of the cracker on top to help hold in the heat and make a “sandwich” out of your snack!

You’ll end up with a squishy marshmallow and chocolate mess which is probably going to drip in your fingers – but it will be soooo delicious!

You really will want some more every time, so be sure to keep the ingredients on hand.


You’ll love the great taste of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate that comes from ‘smores! And they taste just as great in your backyard as they always did in the deep woods. Be sure to try them the next time you fire up the grill or the fire pit. 

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