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aquacheck 7 test strips for spas pools aquaria
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AquaChek 7-Way Pool and Spa Test Strips

Trying to keep your pool in tip-top shape with as little hassle as possible? AquaChek’s 7-Way Test Strips are a great choice for testing the water! They’re easy to use, accurate, and priced right. So let’s have a look at what makes them worthwhile, and what drawbacks they might have.

What It Does

These test strips give you a quick and easy result regarding the quality of your pool or spa water. You could even use them for your aquarium!

You simply have to dip a strip in the water, wait 15 seconds, and compare it to the included chart.

This pool water test kit checks pH, total chlorine, total bromine, cyanuric acid, free chlorine, total alkalinity, and total hardness. 

What’s Included

The Aquachek 7 includes 100 test strips. All 7 tests are done on a single strip, meaning you can test your water 100 times. If you test twice a week, it’ll last you almost a full year if you’re fortunate enough to have your pool open year-round.

The strips come in a tall plastic container that resembles an aspirin bottle. The color guide for the tests is printed right on the side, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

pool and spa test strips aquachek 7 bottle

Why It’s Worth It

This is one of our favorite pool and spa tests for several reasons.

Ease of Use

Test strips are incredibly easy to use, but the Aquachek 7 strips offer an incredible seven tests with one strip. All you have to do is dip a strip in the water, wait 15 seconds, then compare the strip to the side of the bottle for each test. 

You can’t get more convenient than that!


Test strips are generally not as accurate as the test where you put a drop of a chemical in a tube of water. However, AquaCheck’s results are among the best you can get. For general use, that’s usually enough.

Covers the Basics

The seven tests that are covered by the AquaCheck 7 will keep you informed on the most important chemical levels in your spa or pool. Again, for most pool owners, that’s enough. Many other tests could be done, but those aren’t normally necessary unless your water is prone to other issues.

Nice App Included

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a cell phone. You can install an app on your phone to scan your test strip and get an analysis and treatment plan for your pool. It does make the whole process easier!

Good Price

When you consider all of the above, you’ll be thrilled when you look at the price. It’s a tiny bit more than pennies per test – but still payable with a single coin.  It’s a tiny price to pay to keep your pool healthy!

The Drawbacks

Nothing’s perfect, so we should mention some of the drawbacks of this kit. There aren’t a lot, but we still have to bring them up!

Less Accurate Than Drop Tests

As we already mentioned, strip tests are generally less accurate than tube tests. It’s not the fault of this particular product. But if you need highly accurate results, you’ll want to get a fancier, more expensive test kit.

Have To Be Kept Dry

Of course, to use these, you have to wet them. But that also means that if they get wet, they’re used. 

It’s best to store them indoors and only take one out of the container when you’re going to use it. Also, be sure your hands are drying before pulling one out. It can be hard to remember that when you’re around the pool. It’s not a defect, but it is something that requires a little thought when using them.

The AquaChek 7 is a great product that helps you keep your spa and pool in fantastic shape. The tests are reasonably accurate and easy to use. You can’t beat the price, either! If you’re partial to strips over other types of tests, these are one of your best options.

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