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Top Water Volleyball Sets

Volleyball is a fantastic sport and it’s so adaptable to play in the pool! All you need is a net and a ball. And from two people up to 8 can have a great time! It’s fun for all ages and low-impact, too. 

So how do you get started? You get a net and a volleyball suited for your pool, of course! And we’ve done the legwork for you to find the best ones available. So let’s dive in and play!

What To Consider

So, what goes into choosing a pool volleyball set? There are a few things to think about. Almost all of them revolve around the poles.

First, how big is your pool? Nets come in different widths so you don’t want one that’s too wide for your pool. 

Sometimes, you have to think about it being too narrow, too. This depends on the type of net moorings you have. Some net “poles” sit on the edges of the pool; this means you have to make sure the net is wide enough to reach both edges. If your net has floating poles, though, the width doesn’t matter.

Of course, poles that float are also poles that move. The movement of the water will make your net slow shift. It’s nothing to be concerned about; this is just a fun game, after all! 

That being said, floating poles are usually a better choice for above-ground pools because you normally don’t have a large ledge all around.

Like “fun” volleyball nets for the park, pool volleyball nets tend to sag in the middle. There isn’t much support to hold them up. However, you can find a few that have a frame around the net. Again, we don’t think this is a major consideration unless you want to get serious about your pool volleyball!

What Should Be Included

A pool volleyball set should include a couple of pieces. The essentials are the net and pole system and at least one volleyball. Most also include an air pump, especially when the poles are the inflatable, floating type.

Some kits also include pool basketball nets – they’re worth considering!

A pool volleyball is a tiny bit lighter than a regular volleyball when it’s dry; it does absorb some water so they both end up weighing about the same during use. Also, a pool volleyball is more resistant to water but its cover will wear out more quickly on asphalt or concrete.

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So what are your options when buying a pool volleyball set? Let’s take a look at the top options. 

GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Net

gosplash pro sports volleyball set

GoSports is going to make two appearances on our list; this one is the fancier water volleyball kit, but both are quality sets.

This set includes the net, poles, two volleyballs, and an air pump. The pole stands are available in red or blue.

The bases of the poles sit on the sides of your pool and have to be filled with water to be weighed down. It can be adjusted for pools up to 25 feet wide. This makes it ideal for inground swimming pools. The net itself is 15 feet wide.

The net – especially the white straps – does appear to wear out prematurely. This is probably an effect of the chlorine in pools. Some people report their nets holding up for years, but others claim they have issues within months.

MeiGuiSha Swimming Pool Volleyball Set

meiguisha water volleyball set that looks like a ship

This net is part of a fully-floating, nautical-themed unit. You blow up the base, which looks like a cruise ship! The net is mounted above this.

Basically, the inflatable part goes under the entire net with the inflated poles at the ends. It’s somewhat unique but we suppose the idea is to make you feel like you’re on one of those cruises yourself. There’s also a version with lighthouses and a “beach” between them.

The entire unit is just under 10 feet wide.

One volleyball is included. You’ll have to provide your own pump.

The base is 30 inches wide. It provides nice support to keep the net from tipping from side to side. However, that is a good amount of your pool space that it’s taking up.

We love the design and it’s a serviceable option. However, it does lose air quickly – and it’s a lot to glow up! The poles, decorations, and main body all call for separate inflation. Be prepared

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

intek pool volleyball set

Intek makes great inflatable swimming pools, and this toy is a decent addition to their line.

This inflatable volleyball set measures almost 8 feet along the base  It includes one volleyball and a repair kit

It apparently comes in various colors but there is no way to choose these that we’ve found. Ours was as pictured – orange and yellow. In the description we read “green and yellow” but also “color may vary.”

To be honest, we thought this looked flimsy. But it’s tougher than it appears. The plastic holds up well to the regular beatings it takes in the pool.

You can anchor this in place with small stones that go into bags attached to the inflatable part, too, to help keep it in place.

Overall, we were surprised with this. It’s more durable than we expected. It might not look great, but it sure provides long-lasting fun!

GoSports Splash Net Air

gosports volleyball net for the pool

Our second option from GoSports is a floating model that’s 9 and a half feet wide. Like the version above, it’s a good-quality piece. 

This set includes the inflatable base, a normal-sized volleyball, an oversized volleyball, and an air pump. There are also tie-down ropes; you can attach them to the sides of the pool. The two tie-down ropes are each 15 feet long.

GoSports uses a “newer” type of valve that makes it quicker to blow this unit up, or to deflate it when you want to put it away.

It holds air decently and probably a little better than similar models, too.

Joyin Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

joyin pool basketball and volleyball set

Our favorite part of this set is that it includes TWO sports – volleyball and basketball. And you’re not really paying any more than you would for just one, at least at current prices!

Included is a volleyball net with inflatable base; an inflatable basketball net, and two beach balls. One beach ball is colored like a basketball, and the other like a volleyball.

No air pump is included in this set.

There are short ropes with bags that can be weighted down to help keep the nets in place.

Since these don’t use regular sports balls, you might find yourself having to get out of the pool to chase them down more often. Since they’re really beach balls, any gust of wind could catch them and blow them across the yard. Even when playing, it tends to move more like a wiffle ball – all over the place!


A fun – and/or competitive game of water volleyball can make your pool even more enjoyable! There are a lot of great sets out there. And it’s a wonderful activity for the whole family and guests, too! 

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