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Reviews of Trashcan Lid Locks

Do four-footed visitors like to overturn your trashcans at night? If you peek out the window to see garbage strewn across the lawn, you may want to invest in lid locks for your garbage cans. They’re simple, inexpensive, and can save you loads of headaches and mess.

Why You Need A Trashcan Lock

There are quite a few reasons a trashcan lock is a good investment – because there are a lot of things that can overturn those cans!

You don’t want to have to deal with the mess of picking up whatever you’ve already thrown away, and you don’t want it blowing around the neighborhood.

But bears, raccoons, and opossums are just some of the creatures that may want to get their paws on leftover food that appeals to them far more than it does to you.

The wind may not be looking for food, but it can knock over your cans, too. 

And there’s always bad drivers that may back into them, and bad actors that will do anything to disturb your peace.

And for any or all of these reasons, a trashcan lock is a simple yet great addition to your gear. It’s not foolproof, but it will almost always keep everything in the can that belongs there.

While you’re at it, you might need a new trashcan, too.

What You Should Look For In A Trashcan Lock

A trashcan lock should be sturdy enough to hold up a bit of knocking around. Bears may still try to tip the can. The wind can still knock it over. So the lock has to be able to handle a bit of bouncing around – and the pressure of the trash pushing against it if the can is on its side.

More importantly, though, you want a lock that’s simple enough for a human to open but complex enough that an animal would have trouble with it. And yes, many animals are adept at figuring out puzzles! Raccoons or dogs may be the worst offenders. Given a bit of time, they can easily undo a strap or lock if it’s not well-designed.

But you don’t want to struggle too much with it yourself. There’s nothing worse than trying to take out the trash and not being able to get the lid off the outdoor can!

Also, you want the lock to be easy to install. Some don’t require any permanent attachment. Others, though, have to be screwed to the side and lid of the can. That can be fine; but you have to be prepared to do the job, too.

Reviews Of The Best Trashcan Locks 

We’ve tried to find some locks that are up to the job. If you’ve been having trouble already – or want to get ahead of the game – we recommend that you buy one of these!

Doggy Dare Trashcan Lock

doggy dare trashcan lock 32 gallons

Doggy dare makes a variety of sizes for trashcan locks. This one is a great fit for the average 33-gallon can.

It consists of rubber cords that pull over the top of the can and fasten with a buckle. One large loop goes around the body of the can, and two pieces pull over the top to be joined. It’s tight enough to keep the lid on. But it’s also easy to use – you can carry a heavy trash bag in one hand and still get this open. On the other hand, it’s complex enough that animals won’t figure it out and tough enough that they won’t tear it off.

It’s also available for 65 to 95-gallon cans. The company says they have a 45-gallon can version on Amazon, but we were unable to find it.

Calidaka Trashcan Strap Tool

calidaka trashcan lock

This strap offers extra security. In fact, it might even be overdone. But any animal would have to be a genius to figure this one out! It has a lock with a key!

Now, we admit a raccoon might figure out a regular strap and buckle, even though it’s unlikely. A monkey could handle it – but not many people in our audience have to worry about monkeys invading their trashcans. So a lock may be a bit much. On the other hand, if you have problems with people using your cans instead of their own, it might be a good idea!

The straps are nylon and seem like they’ll hold up well over a long period. 

The kit is designed for a 96-gallon trashcan.

This is a clever idea. But it does have a couple of drawbacks. First, it needs to be screwed onto the trashcan. Also, it can be an annoyance to have to keep track of another key and unlock the can each time you need it. 

We give this one high marks for security, but a poor grade when it comes to convenience.

Universal Trashcan Lid Strap

trashcan lid lock for large cans

This strap system is another that consists of nylon straps. It has to be screwed to the sides of your trashcan and includes two large keys for securing it.

It does allow a lot of adjustment. It can fit 96-gallon trashcans but it can also be scaled down for smaller cans. It works best on square or nearly-square cans, rather than round ones.

Installation isn’t hard, but it is an extra task. And again, the inconvenience of dealing with keys is annoying.

Encased Trashcan Lock (2 Pack)

trashcan easy to use lid lock

Most of us – especially if we don’t live alone – need more than one trashcan. So it’s handy when we can get two locks in a kit. And at least as we write this, it’s a good price for the two-pack!

They fit sizes from 30 to 50 gallons and are easy to attach. 

The main loop slides over the can and fits over both round and square cans. The straps pull over the top. They join there with a simple buckle that’s easy for a person to open, even with one hand free. But it’s tough enough that animals won’t figure it out.

There aren’t instructions for how to attach it, so you have to have a little patience. But no tools are necessary, and there are no permanent attachments to the can.

Universal Garbage Can Lid Lock Utility Strap

large trash can lid lock

Names aren’t always the strong suit for products sold on Amazon, and branding, for some, is overlooked. So this has a very similar name to one of the products above but it is a different product with a different design.

It’s designed for 32-gallon cans and works best with square cans. You do have to screw pieces to each side of the can. A strap runs from one of these fixtures to the other. You simply stretch it a bit to fasten and pull down to release.

Replacement straps are available – which is a pro and a con. Of course, it’s great to know you can get them if you need them. On the other hand, you know that they may fail. We expect that over time, they could use some of their elasticity, too.

The company claims that they reduce over 58% of raccoon invasions and higher rates for other pests. They do make clear, though, that these aren’t bear-proof.

It’s a simple idea with a decent implementation. We like the honesty of the company in listing how effective they are against different pests. You may be replacing them every few years, though. Prices change often online, but this one seems a bit steep compared to other options, too.


No one wants to find their garbage strewn all over. To help prevent that, a trashcan lock is a great addition that will hold the lid in place. Whether your opponent is a rodent, a vandal, or just the wind, the locks we recommend here can help keep your trash where it belongs!

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