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Awesome Fall Door Wreaths

Even the most beautiful home architecture can use a bit of seasonal decoration. A door wreath is one of the simplest ways to add character and color to the entrance of your house. Wreaths come in all sizes and styles. So even though they’re a traditional element of decorating, you have wide latitude in choosing a tone and style.

Fall and the Thanksgiving holiday call to mind brightly-colored leaves, pumpkins, and the harvest. Browns and yellows are the color of the months from September to November! And these elements can be combined into fantastic wreaths.

Of course, making your own wreath is great if you like to do handicrafts. You can even use natural elements. However, if you don’t have the time or interest to fashion your own, there are a lot of commercially-produced wreaths that will look fantastic. Even when they use “fake” materials, they still look realistic. And they’ll hold up year after year! So we’ve picked some great artificial wreaths that we’re confident will be a great fit on your front door – or wherever else you’d like to hang it. 

Choosing A Wreath For Your Door

Of course, the first thing you want in a wreath is that it looks great. That can vary according to your taste but also by the colors and design of your entry area. What’s most important is choosing something that you love!

While you can’t paint your porch and door every season, you might change the decorations inside your house. So we recommend choosing a wreath that will lead your visitors into what they’ll see inside. Try to find something that matches your interior seasonal decorations.

There does come a time to upgrade the front door, though. Learn more about when and why!

Durability is another factor to consider, especially if your door isn’t shielded by a porch or other enclosed entryway. Yes, you want it to look natural. But you don’t want autumn’s wind and rain tearing it apart.

Finally, you want to be sure to get a wreath that will “fit” your door well. Most door wreaths measure between 20 and 24 inches in diameter. A standard front door is 36 inches wide. You want to fill as much of that space as possible. BUT you don’t want it to interfere with the normal operation of the door, either. In other words, if it’s too wide, it could get in the way of closing the door.

We prefer a 24-inch wreath for a standard door. It allows enough room for the door to open and close easily but still fills the space well. If your door is a different size, just subtract 12 inches from the door width to find the optimal wreath diameter.

However, if you don’t use the door much, bigger is better! A wider wreath can look better.

Normally, use a wire – or better yet, a wreath hanger – to hang the wreath 12 to 14 inches from the top of the door. You may want to adjust it if you have a peephole or knocker, of course.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Door Wreaths 

We’ve discovered some great wreaths that will look awesome on your door this fall and for years to come. We’ve tried to get a few different styles that highlight various types of leaf and plant. But we think they all look great for your Thanksgiving or autumn decorations.

The Wreath Depot Montgomery Hollow Silk Fall Door Wreath

silk fall wreath with gourds and pumpkins

You’ll soon notice that The Wreath Depot is our favorite shop for wreaths – they got the right name for their business!

This wreath draws on the harvest theme of the season. It features pumpkins, gourds, and a variety of berries in amazing colors. And of course, all of that is backed by an awesome field of yellow, red, and brown leaves.

This wreath is “slightly” large at 26 inches in diameter. As we mentioned above, that’s bigger than the recommendation for most doors unless the door is rarely used. But it can work as long as you’re careful that it doesn’t get caught as you go in or out.

The average depth of the wreath runs 5 to 7 inches.

The silk wreath will hold up well outdoors. But be sure it’s in a covered spot where it won’t get wet. Rain can discolor the leaves quickly.

A small loop helps you hang it from a wreath hanger.

It comes in a box that is great for gifting or for storing the wreath.

Lvydec Maple Leaves Fall Wreath

fall door wreath with gourds and pumpkins

This great wreath from Lvydec highlights so many great elements of the season! It’s got orange and white pumpkins, yellow and red leaves, and even pine cones and berries. All of these sit on a frame of barren twigs. Together, they highlight the look that makes the season so fantastic.

This is a slightly smaller wreath. At 20 inches, it still goes well on most doors but is particularly great if your door is narrower than average. The decorations are about 4 inches deep. 

Rattan vines make up the twig base. Polyester is used for the other elements. You should avoid hanging it in direct sunlight or where it will get rained on. But that means it’s still great on a porch or under a door with an overhang!

The overall appearance is ok, but not superb. It does have a slightly “plastic-y” appearance to it. Still, it looks good and holds up pretty well.

The Wreath Depot Oakwood Silk Fall Door Wreath

fall door wreath with pinecones and flowers

Another fine piece from The Wreath Depot, this wreath features pine cones, pumpkins, fall flowers, berries, and wheat. Oak leaves are also spread throughout.

Despite that wide variety of items, the wreath achieves a great balance of size and an awesome mix of fall colors. 

The wreath is 22 inches across and measures from 5 to 7 inches deep. It features a small loop to hang it from your wreath hanger.

The foliage is silk so it will hold up year after year and retain its great appearance. As always, it’s best to avoid prolonged direct sunlight and rain.

It comes in a nice gift/storage box.

Wofair Autumn Wreath with Grains

autumn door wreath with wheat stems

This wreath breaks with many others. While most feature maple or oak leaves, this one focuses on berries, wheat stalks, and similar narrow stems. It ends up with the same basic colors but in a much-different pattern that turns out wonderfully!

The wreath measures 22 inches across, suitable for most doors. It should be kept out of the rain as much as possible.  It’s about 3-4 inches deep.

It seems to do well in sunlight, but we wouldn’t recommend hanging it where the sun will hit it for long periods. There are also reports that sometimes the parts aren’t well-attached to the frame and fall off. Overall, though, it gets high marks.

The Wreath Depot Appalachia Berry Silk Fall Door Wreath

appalachia style autumn door wreath with berries

The Appalachia Berry model from Wreath Depot is a 22-inch wreath that highlights the feel of the Eastern USA’s largest mountain range. 

The twigs and leaves form a magnificent background, but it’s the berries that are the highlight of this piece. In various stages of ripeness, they truly stand out and make this a wonderful piece.

Along with the colorful leaves, the berries form a great contrast with the gray branches that support them.

It’s advertised as 22 inches across, but of course branches and leaves don’t form a smooth circle, so there are points where it’s a little wider. It’s also “full”, measuring about 6 inches deep on average.

A loop is attached so you can hang it easily to your wreath hanger.

The leaves are silk and the twigs are formed from grapevines. It should hold up well and comes in a nice box for storage.


A door wreath for autumn and its associated holidays is a wonderful touch for your home! There are so many great options. You could make it yourself, buy a handmade one, or choose a great commercially-produced one like those we’ve featured here. Be sure to pick one that will fit well on your door and will hold up over the years!

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