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Outdoor Push Brooms Reviewed

A good push broom may seem like a simple thing, but it’s a huge help to keep your outdoor areas clean. Whether you just need to get some light dust off the deck or you want to scrub out built-up grime, a push broom is the tool for you.

Why A Push Broom

True, a push broom isn’t the first thing you think of for taking care of your outdoor spaces. There are mowers, clippers, trimmers, and so much more that top the list. But sometimes, it’s the simple things that do the trick.

Your patio, porch, and even sidewalk build up dirt over time. They may be covered with leaves. A rake might scratch the surface and won’t do anything to get rid of dust. But a push broom will do the job without damaging the underlying material. And it’s great if you have to get rid of standing water or do a bit of scrubbing, too!

What To Look For In A Push Broom For Your Deck, Sidewalk, and Patio

An outdoor push broom is a bit different than one for indoor use. It has to stand up to tougher surfaces. It should also be able to handle getting wet without becoming a soggy mess.

A durable tool is always important. But with a push broom for outside work, you should look especially at bristles. 


Stiff bristles are the way to go. They should be made of a water-resistant material and preserve their shape as well. You don’t want them to start to bend backward! Synthetic materials are generally the best option since they won’t absorb water.


Of course, the handle should be heavy-duty as well. Sure, it’s usually best to go with lightweight materials so you don’t get worn out. However, you also want to be sure that you won’t bend or break the handle under regular conditions. Wood is good but heavy. Aluminum is lightweight, but it has to be strong enough for the job. Fiberglass is another good choice.


The width of the broom’s head is another important factor. And your choice should depend on your personal needs. If you only have wide, open spaces like a patio to sweep, then a wider broom is great. But a more confined space like a deck or porch might call for a narrower head. It might take a little longer to get the job done, but it will be easier to manipulate in corners and along edges.

Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Push Brooms 

We’ve looked around and found some great push brooms that we believe will serve you well. They’ll work great to help keep your outdoor surfaces clean!

Quickie Bulldozer 24-Inch Multi-Surface Push Broom

bulldozer push broom for outdoor use. By Quickie.
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Quickie offers several great brooms, but we found the Bulldozer to be the best. 

This 24-inch-wide push broom also has a 60-inch-long handle – that’s a good length for most people. The handle is 15/16-inch wide and should hold up well.

The wood handle screws into a durable resin block, creating a sturdy connection. It does work well, but getting it attached the first time can be a pain! 

There are two types of bristles on this broom, both made of polypropylene. The outer ones are soft but the inner ones are stiff. This design helps cover a broad array of uses which will be good for most homeowners. If you have particular needs for firmer or softer bristles, though, you might want to look elsewhere.

For storage, you can detach the head and clip it onto the handle. It has two convenient hooks that slip on.

You can also flip the broom over to use a built-in scraper. This might be useful on wood or other smooth surfaces to remove gum, bird droppings, or other material stuck to the surface.

There’s even a five-year limited warranty on this broom.

O-Cedar Professional 18″ Rough-Surface Push Broom

o-cedar brand outdoor push broom
this o-cedar outdoor push broom is available on amazon.

This push broom from O-Cedar is a bit narrower, at 18 inches. But it does a great job and holds up well under normal wear and tear.

All the bristles are stiff on this one. It’s great for cleaning up twigs, leaves, and pebbles that find their way to your hard surfaces. It also does a decent job with dust. The bristles are also made with 80% recycled materials, which is great news. They work well dry or wet.

One drawback of the stiff bristles is that you can’t push them down to get into corners too well. It’s not an issue particular to this broom, but it is something to keep in mind if you find dirt accumulating along the railing or wall of your porch.

The handle attaches with a unique locking system. This helps prevent it from working loose over time, which does relieve an annoyance (although a small one) with some brooms.

The handle is just over 59 inches long. This is at the longer end of the “normal” range.

Weiler 44601 Pro-Flex 24″ Block Size, Palmyra Fill, Sweep

weiler 24 inch push broom with hard bristles
purchase this weiler outdoor push broom from amazon

This 24-inch-wide broom by Weiler is another solid choice. It has the same “Palmyra fill” style bristles as the O-Cedar model above. A sturdy wooden handle with a comfort grip on the end makes it comfortable to use (as far as brooms go, that is). It also has a scraper.

The bristles are made of polypropylene, which means they hold up well even in wet conditions. They aren’t likely to be damaged by bacteria, fungi, acid, or oil. Of course, you have to take care of the wooden bar and handle – they’re treated but still should be cleaned appropriately.

Weiler states that this broom is ideal for “medium to heavy applications.” We’d consider any outdoor sweeping to be in this range – a bit tougher than indoor cleaning. 

Overall, this unit measures 61 inches with the head attached. It’s got a great reputation for durability, so if you’re worried about something that will hold up to heavy use, you’ll love it!

Rubbermaid Maximizer 36 in. PVC Push-to-Center Broom

rubbermaid maximizer push broom with push to center sides
buy this rubbermaid push broom at home depot

Rubbermaid is on our list partly for its quality and partly for the uniqueness of this push broom. 

Rather than the straight edge we’re accustomed to, this broom has two “wings” at an angle from the main section of bristles. This helps keep debris from working its way past the sides and getting left behind.

This is a big broom – it’s 36 inches across the front, meaning the actual length of the head is even longer. 

The head block is polypropylene; the bristles are sturdy PVC. The 58-inch handle is made of steel, although it’s reasonably lightweight.

The bristles are hard, making it great for dirt and larger debris like leaves and twigs. The design does help keep them centered. Of course, between that and the width, it can mean you’re pushing a lot of weight. However, you also save a lot of time.

If you have a big area to cover and don’t mind the size, this is a good choice and a great idea.


A good push broom is important to help keep your deck and patio clean. It’s great for regular light cleaning. But it can also help scrub with cleaners to attack stains or stubborn dirt. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options out there that will do the job!

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