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Recommended Wall-Mounted Hose Holders

A garden hose is an essential tool for any gardener, but it can also be a nuisance when not in use. It can get in the way, create a trip hazard, or become tangled and difficult to use. A wall-mounted garden hose holder offers a simple and effective solution to these problems. It keeps your garden hose neatly organized and out of the way, ready for the next job.

Where to Mount the Holder

One of the benefits of a wall-mounted garden hose holder is that it frees up floor space. You can mount it in a variety of locations, depending on your needs. For example, you could install it outside near your garden or patio, or inside in a garage, carport, or tool shed. The key is to choose a location that is close to your outdoor water faucet, as this will make it easier to use your garden hose.

Important Qualities

When choosing a wall-mounted garden hose holder, there are several important qualities to consider. 


First and foremost is durability. You want a holder that is made from strong and durable materials that can withstand the elements and the weight of your garden hose. Steel is a good choice for this, as it is strong and long-lasting.


Stability is another important quality to consider. You want a holder that is securely mounted to the wall and won’t wobble or come loose over time. This will ensure that your garden hose stays neatly organized and doesn’t fall off the holder.


The size of the hose that the holder can accommodate is also an important consideration. Make sure to choose a holder that can hold the length of your garden hose, as well as any attachments or nozzles that you may have.

Our Recommended Wall-mounted Hose Reels

Here are a few hose holders that we think are worth the money.

Garden 8040 Wall Mounted Retractable Hose (50 Foot)

gardena 8040 hose holder with retractor mechanism

This all-in-one unit is awesome! It includes the hose and its internal structure helps retract it. It’s available with 50, 66, 82, and 100-foot hoses. There are even two color schemes!

The mount has a swivel to make it easy to pull your hose in any direction. You just need to mount it less than five feet from your spigot to connect with the attached “connection hose.” In a pinch, though, we suppose you could put it further away and add another extension on that end of things.

The structure is made of durable polypropylene plastic so it will withstand the weather and normal outdoor wear and tear.

Installation isn’t difficult, but it’s a little more complicated than most units since it’s a more complicated unit. It’s a bit heavier than most since it includes a mechanism to retract the hose. 

The retraction mechanism works well and makes it easy to stow your hose.

The hose diameter is on the small side so the water volume is lower than you may want. Also, the nozzles aren’t a “standard” type, but you can find connector units at most hardware stores.

Overall, it’s a great unit and one of the best, most convenient hose holders you’ll find.

Sageme Hose Holder

sageme hose holder

This strong hose holder from Sageme can hold up to a 100-foot ½” hose, or 80 feet of ¾” hose. That will cover you for nearly any household use!

The design may be simple, but it’s highly effective and easy to use. There are no bells and whistles but once you coil your hose, you just set it on the hook and you’re ready to go!

It’s also incredibly easy to mount. There are two slots for the screws – and screws and anchors are included. However, you may need to change out the screws for your own if you’re mounting on masonry or wood siding.

Eastrans Store Hose Bracket Shelf

eastrans hose holder

This simple hose holder mounts quickly and can hold up to a 125-foot, ¾” garden hose.

It’s a traditional model, although the support on the outer edge is better-designed than the ones we remember from our childhood. It’s designed to help keep the bulk of the hose’s weight distributed evenly across the holder.

Just screw it to your wall or fence and you’re ready to go! Two screws are included in the package.

This is the most basic hose holder you’re likely to find – but it does what it’s supposed to do, and that’s what matters!

Smatorga Store Hose Holder with Shelf

hose holder with tool shelf

A hose isn’t the only thing you need to store around the yard – and the designers of this hose holder kept that in mind! Under the hose holder, there’s an attached hanging shelf that’s great for hand tools, gardening gloves, and the like. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner!!!! It’s an awesome concept and carried out quite well in this unit.

The shelf attaches to the hose holder and could be removed if you want to. But it also screws separately to the wall for added stability. That means it attaches to the wall with 4 screws total, included with your purchase.

Peomev Garden Hose Holder

peomev hose holder is also good for bikes, strollers and other garage space-saving storage

Sure, we’ll show this off as a garden hose holder, but you may find other uses for it, too! It also works well for general garage storage like hanging bikes or other equipment.

A simple design, the tubes are surprisingly strong and can hold a hose ½” hose of up to about 150 feet. 

There’s a bit of extra support on this unit, as well. While most mount to the wall with two screws, this one has a larger flat plate with spots for three screws. The screws and anchors are included, but like other models, these seem more designed for drywall than for masonry or wood. That’s easy enough to correct with a quick run to the hardware store (or find them on Amazon!). 

This unit is tough enough to support your hose and guard it safely. There are no frills but it gets the job done faithfully!


A wall-mounted garden hose holder offers many benefits for gardeners. It provides a convenient and budget-friendly solution for storing your garden hose, keeping it tangle-free and out of the way. When choosing a holder, be sure to consider its durability, stability, and the size of the hose it can hold.

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