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snow block makers and sandcastle blocks
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Great Sand and Snow Block Makers

Some toys are great both on the beach and in the snow! And a block maker has to be near the top of that list. Sandcastles and snow forts both call for solid construction. And making solid blocks of your construction materials is easy with these tools!

Hours of Fun Are Waiting!

So many toys are seasonal, especially when you live in a climate that has “real” winters and summers. but these blocks can be used year-round, no matter where you live! Snow or sand can be fun to play and build with.

Whether your youngster wants to construct a fort big enough for them to hide in, or something for their action figures, they’ll find endless enjoyment with this simple toy.

Sticking To The Basics

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These are simple toys. There are no moving parts, and they’re normally molded out of a single piece of plastic. 

The main goal is to find ones that will stand up to the weight of packed snow or sand and to all the abuse a child can throw at it. Be sure they are heavy enough to hold up in below-freezing temperatures. Also, a color that contrasts with sand and snow is helpful so that they don’t get lost or left behind! Red is common, so you shouldn’t have too many problems there.

The Best Sand and Snow Block Toys

Here are some of the best toys we’ve found for building with sand and snow blocks.

sand and snow blocks

This is a great multiple-piece set suitable for play in the backyard or the beach. You get a basic block and a shovel. Also included are a block and tower each with parapets to add to the style of castles!

Made of polyethylene plastic, they’re tough enough to stand up to cold, sun, and fun!

  • Large Brick Maker: 9.84’’x4.72’’x6.69’’
  • Tall Mold Block (with trim): 7.09’’x 3.15’’
  • Long Mold Block (with trim): 7.87’’x 3.94’’x 3.94’’
  • Shovel: 6.38’’x2.56’’
snwow and sand molding block

From a company better known for sleds, this block is just as durable and suited to fun in the snow and the sun.

It measures 10 inches by 7 by 5. The handle is large and durable, too.

There is a hole at the top, under the handle. So loose snow might fall through, but that’s not the kind you want to use for building, anyway. With good packing snow, the hole might actually make it easier for the block to slide out of the mold.

shovel and sand castle building blocks

This set is almost identical to the first one above in that it includes four similar pieces. The official measurements are slightly smaller (less than a quarter-inch of difference).

They are decent pieces, although it seems like the plastic isn’t quite as strong as some other options. We’ve seen some reviews about this, too. They’re fine for most kids, but the rougher ones might quickly crack these.

red and blue sand and snow fort building toys

Two kids and they each want their own toys? With this set, it’s easy! One gets blue, and one gets red. (Ok, that might present all kinds of other problems, but it could be a start, at least).
These two blocks are the same size and measure what seems like the “standard” 10 inches long. Each has two handles, at either end. That can make it easier, especially for young children.

They’re tough and should hold up for years of fun!

molds for sand and snow

Here’s another 4-pack with two vertical walls, a tower, and a shovel. They’re made of decent material. And at the time of our writing, they have the best price of the 4-pack options.

The measurements are standard; the largest piece is just under 10 inches long.


At a certain age, we might lose our joy in playing with sand or snow. But children love it! Blocks like these are a great toy to help them build the perfect fort, castle, or other building that their imagination longs for.

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