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Kiddie Pools Reviewed

When kids get hot, they tend to get ornery. A dip in the pool is a great way to help them cool off and get back to good spirits!

Not everyone has a large pool, though. And for kids, it’s often more manageable and safer to have something their size, instead. A kiddie pool will let them splash around and enjoy themselves comfortably. And it will make it easier for you to keep an eye on them, among other advantages.

Why Get A Pool Just For Kids?

There are several advantages to letting your youngsters play in a kiddie pool rather than a larger one. Here are a few, although you can probably think of more!

For the kids:

  • Enjoyable even if they don’t know how to swim
  • May feel safer than a full-sized pool
  • Easy to get into and out of

For the parents:

  • No need to get in the pool
  • Easy to observe the children and reach them when necessary
  • Cleaning is quicker 
  • No pumps or chemicals to worry about
  • Quick to fill and empty
  • Far more economical than a larger pool

We’ve talked elsewhere about what you should consider when choosing a kiddie pool. In the same article, you’ll learn how to clean one. Be sure to check it out!

There are two basic types of kiddie pool: inflatable pools and hard-sided ones. You’ll find both in our recommendations below.

Our Picks for the Best Kiddie Pools

There are a lot of “kiddie pools” on the market. But when you’re ready to buy, you want to be sure to get one that will be a great play place for your child. Here are our recommendations!

JOYIN Inflatable Kiddie Pool

joyin inflatable pool with food design

This pool from Joyin measures 47 inches across and comes in three different fun designs!

Your purchase is for THREE pools. That’s awesome, especially when it comes to inflatable pools. These hold up well, but there’s always a risk of puncture, so it’s good to know you’ll have a backup.

You can let your child choose whether they want to “swim” in the doughnut, the pizza, or the watermelon each time they want to cool off. The worst part is all the trouble they’ll have choosing!

The pool is ten inches deep, allowing a young child to enjoy enough water to cool off. At the same time, it’s low enough that they can sit without being underwater. Of course, you always need to keep your eyes on your children in any size pool. But this one makes it easy to see them and help them if the occasion arises.

Each pool has three inflatable rings – that is, you inflate each ring separately. An air-mattress pump is great for this. Even a manual bike pump is good; it won’t take too long to get this pool up and running!

As with any plastic inflatable, there is always the danger of puncture, so you need to be sure to place it on a cleared surface. Be sure you and your child don’t have any sharp objects near it, either.

The price is competitive with similar pools where you only get one unit. So this is a steal!

HIWENA Inflatable Kiddie Pool

hiwena inflatable pool for children

This brightly-colored rectangular kiddie pool is a fantastic choice!

The pool, when inflated, measures 45 inches by 33 by 14 inches deep. The inside measurements are about 32 by 22. 

We love the orange color (pictured) but there are also great blue and green options available.

There’s a built-in drain plug, so you won’t have to worry about turning the pool on edge to empty it. Also, the floor of the pool is inflatable just like the sides. That means little feet will be kept safer from pebbles or other rough spots under the pool!

A repair patch is included in case you ever have a mishap. A bag to store the pool is also included.

It holds up well under normal use and should provide hours of cool enjoyment all summer long!

INTEX Crystal Blue Kids Outdoor Inflatable 58″ Swimming Pool

intex blue kiddie pool

INTEX may be one of the better-known names in inflatable pools, largely because a couple of large big-box stores carry them. But most of their pools do live up to the hype, and this kiddie pool is in that category!

When inflated, the diameter is 58 inches (to the outside of the ring). It’s about 14 inches deep. 

A patch kit is included.

As with any inflatable pool, there are some complaints about it not staying inflated. However, these seem to be rare and could be because of user error. They could be manufacturing defects, as well, but they seem rare enough not to be an issue.

Prices fluctuate, but at the time we write this, this seems like an incredible deal!

SZC Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

szc hard sided kiddie pool

Inflatable pools are great, but hard-sided pools have a lot of advantages, too. The pool comes in two sizes. Both measure 12 inches deep. However, “large” is 47 inches across. Extra-large, though, is a huge 62 inches.

You’ll have to make your own choice regarding the size. Obviously, if you have more than one child, or want the pool to serve into your child’s pre-teen years, the XL version is the way to go.

The pool is made with a PVC covering. The wall panels are 1 ¼-inch thick, making this a sturdy unit. You still have to be careful not to tear the PVC lining, however, as it’s simply cardboard inside. With normal use, though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The construction allows it to be “folded up” for storage – you can stack the panels carefully so it won’t take up much space.

A large drain hole makes it easy to empty the pool. 

Obviously, this type of kiddie pool will weigh more than an inflatable one. It’s nearly 11 pounds. But that’s still very manageable!

lunaoo Foldable Pool

folding kid's swiming pool for children

This pool is similar in construction to the SZC model listed above. The sides are made of panels that can be folded down when you’re not using the pool. 

It’s 63 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. Empty, it weighs 15.5 pounds.

The bottom is thick enough to be reliable, although little feet may still feel the bumps underneath. It’s a non-slip surface for added safety.

The kiddie pool comes at a good price and holds up rather well The fiberboard sideboards are about 0.45 inches thick and covered with PVC. This is a problem if the PVC rips – the fiberboard will be ruined if it gets wet. However, if proper care is taken, this should not become an issue.

A patch kit is included with a single small patch.

There’s a three-year warranty listed on the box, but it’s incredibly difficult to get in touch with them. That can be a huge problem. We didn’t have any problems, and it seems like the vast majority of buyers are in the same situation. However, there are occasional issues when better customer service would be appreciated.


You don’t need a full-sized pool if you want to help your young children cool off. A kiddie pool makes a wonderful solution! There are awesome inflatable versions as well as hard-sided ones. You’ll love that they’re so easy to take care of, and the kids will love splashing around!

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