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Patio Decoration Ideas

Do you have a great space out back but just don’t know what to do with it? Have you already invested in a fantastic patio but feel it’s lacking something? A bit of decoration can go a long way toward making your yard feel complete. 

A patio is like a blank canvas. It offers so many opportunities.to express yourself through the items you add to it. Both functional and ornamental elements can be part of your design. And you can leave your visitors speechless with the beautiful backyard oasis you create!

We’ve got a few ideas that may help spur your imagination. The creative possibilities are endless! Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in our thoughts!


Patio furniture offers so many wonderful opportunities. It’s both a decorative and functional addition. There are so many styles and types available. 

patio furniture is a key element to enjoying your outdoor space

Make your choices based on how you plan to use your yard. If you often have parties, you might want pieces that are easier to move. If you plan to use the space mainly for your family, more permanent furniture works well and holds up better.

Be sure to choose furniture that’s durable enough to stand up to the elements. Above all, be sure it’s comfortable and fits your needs!


Sure, the sun does a great job lighting up your patio during the day. But why limit yourself to so few hours enjoying this part of your home?

There are many great choices when it comes to providing great light around the patio. The ones you choose depend on how you intend to use the space and the mood you want to set.

outdoor string lighting can add to the ambience of your patio

Path lighting is low and wonderful if you just need enough light to move around without tripping. If you need a bit more, string lighting is perfect for some soft overhead light. 

Outdoor lamps around a sitting area on the patio are great, too. They can provide better lighting for a limited area. So if you like to sit outdoors and read a book or just chat, they can be a great choice!

Fire Pit 

Another great feature for your patio is a firepit. It can be a source of light, for sure, but also provide warmth on a chilly evening. And it’s a wonderful focal point.

fancy fire pits add character to patios

A well-built fire pit is a thing of beauty in itself. The construction is an extension of the “look” you’ve worked so hard to achieve. And of course, it’s functional, as well. There’s always something special about sitting around a fire to converse and even toast marshmallows.

Outdoor Rugs

Some patios have beautiful designs, while others are plain. But even a fancy one can sometimes benefit from an area rug.

all-weather outdoor rugs go great on patios

We’re not talking about ugly artificial grass here. Instead, look for an all-weather carpet with a beautiful design. It will feel great underfoot, especially if you like to kick off your shoes as you sit around in the yard. 

You’ll find a great size for your needs and a huge variety of designs and colors that will be the perfect fit for your space.


If you crave a little privacy or want to filter the sunlight a bit, lightweight outdoor curtains are a great option. You can choose to shade one side or as many as you like. You may still have to bring the curtains in during more severe weather, but they’re a great option when the weather’s good.

curtains can help reduce glare and increase patio privacy

You can still enjoy the sun without the glare, You can also gain some privacy from curious neighbors when you want to lay out and catch a tan. 

They can also help cut down a little on pollen and dust that blow around.

Curtains aren’t only functional, of course. They can add a soft, breezy feel to the patio as they blow in the gentle breeze.


Of course, we can’t overlook plants around your patio! Whether you have a lawn or a garden, or both, more plants add color and beauty.

There are all types of containers you can use, from large, elaborate pieces to small, simple ones. Both the planters and the plants you fill them with will be amazing elements in your outdoor space.

many types of plants, including these strawberries, can thrive in containers on the patio

Many types of plants can thrive in containers. Some can stay outdoors all year. Others will be destined for the garden, while still others should be brought in during the cold weather.

The Joy of Recycling

There are many great pieces you can buy to add color and style to your patio. But sometimes, the most fantastic items are those that you repurpose.

An old metal watering can turn into a great container or part of a fountain. Clothes that have seen better days can dress up a scarecrow – even one that “works.” Even old tires can become planters or furniture!

wooden pallets can be converted to planters and many other decorations

Pallets offer a wonderful variety of possible uses. They can be converted into tables, chairs, or porch swings. Stand them upright to make vertical planters. Arrange them in a square for a perfect compost bin. You can even take them apart and use the wood to make a rustic garden path.

There are so many items that can be put to good use as decorations – be sure to think twice before throwing them out!


There are many wonderful ways to decorate your patio. Adding furniture and lighting along with trim elements like curtains, rugs, and plants is just the start. Like any part of your home, your patio can be beautifully transformed into a wonderful living space.

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