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Top Bird Feeders Of Every Style

Looking forward to the beautiful sights and sounds of birds in your yard all year round? A bird feeder is probably the best way to attract them. You can show your kindness to them while also getting to enjoy their presence!

There are many types of bird feeders. Each type tends to attract different types of birds. That means your choices of feeder type (and your choice of birdseed) should depend on what birds frequent your area and what you want to attract to your yard.

Let’s look at some other things to consider!

What To Look For In A Bird Feeder

Once you know what kind of birds you want to attract and what type of bird feeder will be a good option, there are still several things to think about.

As always, durability is key. Your bird feeder is going to be exposed to the elements most, if not all, of the year. It should stand up to wind, rain, cold, and even the weight of snow on top of it. Sturdy construction and tough materials are key.

You also want a feeder that’s large enough to feed the birds for several days, but not so large that food starts to rot inside. You don’t want to have to refill constantly. But you also have to clean out the feeder sometimes. 

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Of course, that also means you want it to be easy to clean. That can be tough with hopper feeders in particular – be sure you can remove the lid and reach all the corners inside.

You also want a squirrel-proof feeder. “Squirrel-proof” is probably an exaggeration – there will always be some squirrel smart enough to outsmart any obstacles you put in its way. But you can definitely hinder them. Keep the food for the birds: don’t let squirrels get away with all the seed!

Finally, you probably want a bird feeder that you can easily observe. Sure, it’s great to treat the birds with food! But you likely want to see them while they enjoy it. Look for a feeder that you can hang or mount in a spot where it’s convenient for you to see.

Birdbaths are another great way to attract birds!

The Best Bird Feeders By Category 

Instead of picking a “Top 5” as we usually do, we’ve looked for the best of various types of feeders. These products will be great additions to your yard, garden, or porch. The birds will be able to get a great meal and you’ll be able to enjoy their presence!

Best Hopper Feeder: Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder

best hopper bird feeder

Hopper feeders are probably the best-known type of bird feeder. And there is a huge range of feeders available of this type. We choose this one because of its appearance and stability, though.

The plastic construction makes it lightweight and easy to hang. We do like the look of wooden feeders, of course, but they tend to be heavier and more difficult to secure from a branch. Also, plastic is more versatile. For instance, we love that you have a 360° view through the clear six sides of this feeder.

The top and bottom have a great faux-bronze look with a lot of detail. So despite the material, it still looks classy.

It’s easy to open and add over two pounds of birdseed from the top. It’s also easy to clean – simply pop it open, dump out any scraps, and rinse it. 

The feeder measures 6.7 by 7.3 by 8.6 inches.

The bottom lip isn’t too wide, so it might not be ideal for larger birds. However, smaller species will love the perch and access!

The sloped roof can make it a little complicated for squirrels to get to it from above, although they can probably still manage it. However, the lower ledge is narrow enough that they’d have trouble staying around for long.

Best Tube Feeder: Squirrel-Be-Gone Triple Tube Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

squirrel proof bird feeder holds various types of seed

This tube feeder offers an attractive style and a lot of great perches for birds to enjoy a delicious meal. It even offers there separate tubes so you can have feeding spots for fans of a variety of seeds!

The perches are actually U-shaped, providing a lot of space for birds to land. They, in turn, can easily access the seed. The nine feeding ports are large enough for them to enjoy it but not so large that seed will spill out.

But the greatest feature of this feeder is its anti-squirrel feature. The perches actually slide downward when too much weight is put on them. A bird will be too light but a squirrel’s weight will close the port! 

The feeder holds about EIGHT pounds of seed. It’s about 10 inches across and 20.4 inches high.

The frame has a nice leaf design. It’s made of metal. The container itself is plastic.

Best Window Feeder: Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

see-through bird feeder for windows

It’s wonderful to simply feed the birds. But watching them is a great return on your generosity. And this feeder lets you do that up close! 

We suppose it’s a semi-enclosed platform feeder, but it’s made entirely of clear acrylic and it attaches to the outside of a window. So you and the whole family can enjoy watching the birds from up close! A large part of the back wall is cut out to make it even easier to view your guests.

The feeder attaches with four suction cups. They are reasonably strong, although we do suggest re-attaching the feeder occasionally, especially when the weather changes.

The bottom of the feeder is divided into two sections so you can add two types of seed without mixing them. This tray also slides out so it’s easy to clean and refill. 

The acrylic is 4mm thick so it’s sturdy. The unit measures 10” by 4.25” by 9.75”.

Squirrels shouldn’t be much of any issue unless there’s a nearby branch or roof they can drop from. After all, they aren’t too good at skittering across a window!

Best Platform Feeder: Cedar Tray Wild Bird Feeder Fresh Seed Tray

best tray or platform bird feeder

If you’d like to attract larger birds or want a platform feeder for other reasons, this is a great choice. 

It’s a simple design with a somewhat rustic look but it does the job effectively. The wood sides are mold-resistant. They’re made of cedar so bugs will also stay away. The bottom seed tray can be easily removed for cleaning. It also lets rain pass through to help keep seed from rotting.

The steel cable and bolt won’t rust and will make sure the feeder remains securely hanging for years to come.

The feeder is 10 inches square and 2 inches deep. The hanging straps are about 10 inches as well.

The only disadvantage is that there’s nothing to keep the squirrels away; you’ll have to plan on external measures for that.

Best Nyjer Feeder: Woodlink NAWLNT Screen Nyjer Feeder

top nyjer-thistle bird feeder

If you want to attract finches, juncos, and similar species, nyjer seed may be the thing for you. And you have the added advantage that squirrels don’t feed on it!

The feeder is made of a wire mesh. It’s the perfect size for letting birds pull the seed through without it spilling it.

It’s also easy to clean – empty it and hose it off.

This feeder measures 3.5” across and 13 inches high. One pound of seed will fit inside.

Like most nyjer seed feeders, it can be difficult to fill. You may want to use a funnel.

Best Hummingbird Feeder: Perky Pet Hummingbird Feeder

perky pet hummingbird feeder

A hummingbird feeder doesn’t need to be colorful, it’s the flower shapes that help the birds find the right spot. But the bright reds and yellows make it more attractive for you!

This model is one of many great options from Perky Pet. It’s attractive to hummingbirds and humans alike. It can be a little hard to clean because of its contours, but it’s not too bad. It’s easy to disassemble to each section. All but the largest hands will be able to navigate the main container from either end without the need for a bottle brush.

There’s even an “ant moat” to help keep these pesky insects from stealing all the sweet nectar!

The feeder holds 8 ounces. It even includes three packets of concentrated nectar – just add water.

It’s 9.5 inches high and 6.5 inches in diameter at the base.

Best Peanut Feeder: Gray Bunny Hanging Peanut Wreath Bird Feeder

peanut holder for feeding birds

Peanut feeders are a less-common type of bird feeder but they can definitely attract some great species. And this model is well-designed and fantastic at helping birds get the snack they want!

This piece is made of steel but is resistant to rust and the sun’s rays. It’s also resistant to squirrel bites!

The feeder measures 16 inches in diameter. The hook for hanging is strong and won’t be an issue.

You can open the circle to pour peanuts in. Because of the size of the food and the shape of the feeder, it’s a bit tougher than filling other types of feeders. But overall, it’s not too bad.

Some people report that the coils can get stretched out over time. That could allow the peanuts to fall through. 

Best Ground Feeder: Gray Bunny Ground Bird Feeder

ground bird feeder

Not every bird likes to eat from the branches of a tree. Some prefer closer to the ground. And this ground feeder does a good job of keeping them happy. And maybe it will spare some of your grass seed at the same time.

Gray Bunny is a go-to for less-common feeders, and they really hit the mark with this one. We like the looks of this. It’s got a solid base and sturdy construction. And the rain will pass right through!

It’s made of cast iron, so it’s not going anywhere. It measures 7” square and two inches high, so it will likely sit above the level of the top of your grass. Birds will be able to enjoy but won’t be digging seed out of the soil.

Best Suet Feeder: EZ Fill Suet Basket Bird Feeder

suet feeder for birds

We don’t want to neglect suet feeders, and this one is a solid piece that holds up well.

Pretty much every suet feeder looks alike. This one is well put-together, though, and will hold up for a long time.

It fits a standard 5.5”-inch-square piece of suet. The wire frame is covered in vinyl. It opens and closes easily.

A metal chain is included for hanging it.

There’s no squirrel protection, so if you want to keep them away, you have to take other measures.


There are many types of bird feeders, and adding one or more to your yard can bring you great joy – while also keeping our avian friends well-fed! Think about the type of birds in your area and what kinds you want to attract, then pick a feeder that will serve them well!

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