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Top Knee Pads For Gardening

Gardening can be hard work. Sure, it results in a beautiful garden or delicious food, but it can also leave you feeling tired and sore. And the knees are one of the most affected parts of the body. Even before they get old and creaky, they need protection to help minimize soreness and prevent injury. However, it’s important to choose ones that will do the job.

There are a variety of styles of knee pad suitable for gardening, but what should you look for? Here we’ll talk about some of the important qualities to consider when choosing knee pads. Then we’ll recommend some of the best ones we’re aware of.

What To Look For

Of course, protection is the main thing to look for in a pair of knee pads. You want something that will ease the strain of your knee against the ground. You also want the pads to protect you from thorns, pebbles, and branches you may accidentally kneel on.

You also want comfort. It doesn’t make sense to add protection that’s going to make you feel even worse! The pads should fit comfortably. You don’t want them so tight that they restrict movement or blood flow. But they can’t be so loose that they slip out of place, either. You should be able to flex your knee easily – this will also make it easier to stand and kneel.

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Of course, the weight of the knee pad is also a factor. You want something lightweight that won’t tire you out when you’re on your feet or moving around on the ground. 

Since they do have to flex a lot as well as bear your weight, you want to be sure you get a durable pair. Any stitching or attachments should be tough enough to last. 

Breathable fabrics are best, too. Odds are you’ll be doing a lot of gardening in warm or hot weather. You’ll be exerting a lot of energy. The last thing you need is for the knee pad to make you sweat more. Good fabric (plus an open design) helps make them more comfortable.

Types of Knee Pads 

Knee pads come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. 

The materials vary. Some have hard plastic caps to protect the knees. Others have a gel foam such as neoprene. Others have a “pocket” stuffed with cloth or another padding.

Also, the way they attach to your knee varies. Some have to be slipped over the foot and pulled up. However, these seem to be disappearing in favor of ones with velcro straps. The latter are easier to get on and off and easier to adjust. They’re also easier to adjust for comfort. However, some use wrap-around elastic straps with hooks on the ends; these can also work well.

While some are advertised as “non-slip”, we don’t see this being a huge factor in gardening. It’s useful for installing flooring or other tasks on a smooth surface but doesn’t make a difference on the soil.

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Our Picks For The Best Knee Pads For Gardening 

We’ve looked around for some of the top knee pads appropriate for gardening. Here are our picks.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads

nocry kneepads with hard outer shell

These knee pads are great for gardening but also indoor work. They’re even decent for heavier use by professionals who are working on their knees all day.

A thick rubbery PVC cover provides durable protection against irregular objects you may kneel on. Of all the pads on our list, they are the best for this type of protection.

The cushioning isn’t anything to laugh at, either. EVA foam between the hard cover and your knees helps relieve the discomfort of kneeling on something hard. 

That padding is covered with breathable nylon material. The straps use a post and buckle to hold the pads in place. They can be adjusted to wrap around a knee up to 22 inches around. They stay in place reasonably well – as well as any pads we’ve tried.

At the time of this writing, the company has acknowledged some issues with the strap post breaking. They offer free replacement if yours breaks.

JYSW Gardening Knee Pads

jysw brand knee pads for garden

This set of JYSW knee pads doesn’t offer the hard outer shell. But it does provide a lot of cushioned comfort whether you’re working in the garden or scrubbing the kitchen floor. They’re available in small or “medium/x-large” sizes.

The padding is an EVA foam filling. The outer part is polyester. The total weight is 7 ounces, meaning you’ll have less than a quarter-pound of extra weight on each leg. It’s also breathable and comfortable.

The X-large size fits up to about a 23” knee. Small is good for about a 16-inch knee circumference.

Two straps fasten above and below the knee. One of the best features of these pads is that the straps are part of the same cut of material as the base of the pad. That cuts down the risks of weak sewing that could pull apart.

They are not designed for long-term use, however. The padding will wear out over time. We wouldn’t recommend them for tradespeople, for instance, who would need support day after day. However, for gardening tasks at home, you should get a couple of years out of them. It’s a reasonable expectation for the price.

VIAHART Ultra Light Foam Knee Pads

simple foam knee pads by viahart

Sometimes all you need is something simple. These pads are about as simple as you can get but still provide the protection you need. And they let you show a tiny bit of style – they’re available in blue or pink.

These are just a foam pad with a single strap. They measure just 7 inches by 5.7 inches by 2.4 inches and weigh about 3 inches (combined). 

These do provide decent padding for your knees, but the strap can be an issue. First, a single strap will allow the pad to slide around more, meaning you’ll have to adjust it more often. Also, some people have had issues with the durability of the strap.

Overall, these are great pads, particularly for the price! They will help you carry out your weeding and planting with less stress on your joints, meaning it will be far more enjoyable.

ALLENLIFE Garden Knee Pads

For quality and comfort, you can’t go wrong with this set of knee pads. With two straps fitted with velcro, they stay in place well and without causing discomfort. The padding is also adequate to protect your knee itself.

The front pad is three-quarters of an inch thick, providing a lot of cushioning. The pad is made of EPE (expanded polyethylene). They’re also eight inches wide, suitable for most knees from small to large. For x-large sizes, though, we’re not sure if these will do the trick.

The neoprene outer surface is water-resistant, which is a big help when you’re on the damp ground!

Overall, these seem well-constructed and should hold up for a solid amount of time under regular household gardening use. And they’ll make you feel better while caring for your plants!

BeGrit Gardening Knee Pads

begrit garden knee pads

BeGrit offers these kneepads that will make your gardening experience much more comfortable. They’re available in purple or army green (pictured).

We’re not quite sure why they’re designed with the hole above where your knee goes, but we suspect it provides a bit more flexibility. 

They’re made with EVA and neoprene for quality padding and a comfortable feel.

The velcro straps hold decently. They are also comfortable, even if you wear them with shorts. They don’t scratch or irritate the skin. The material is also breathable enough that you won’t feel too hot and sweaty.

Each pad weighs just over 3 ounces. 


Protecting your knees is important while gardening or doing any other chore. Short-term soreness and long-term damage are both serious issues to worry about. But using quality knee pads in the garden – or while doing any other chore where you have to kneel – helps relieve much of the stress. We hope you find the pads we’ve featured here as useful as we did!

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