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About Us

Hello there! We’re Tom and Sarah Greenwood, and it’s our pleasure to welcome you to “Yards Improved”—our online haven where we share our journey, insights, and enthusiasm for gardening, swimming pool maintenance, and lawn and patio care. 

We both grew up loving the great outdoors, and we express that love as best we can in our yard.

I (Tom) am obsessed with landscape design and garden aesthetics. I love turning outdoor areas into picturesque settings. Sarah is a true gardening hobbyist. She brings a fresh, enthusiastic approach to our projects, proving that passion and learning on the go can lead to incredible results. Together, we embarked on this adventure to turn our backyard into a thriving retreat. This challenge has taught us more than we ever imagined.

“Yards Improved” was born from a simple desire to share our experiences and learnings with others who dream of enhancing their outdoor spaces but might feel daunted by where to begin. Our blog aims to simplify the complexities of gardening and outdoor maintenance, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whether you’re a green thumb or just starting out.

Our content combines practical advice, step-by-step guides, product reviews, and personal stories from our adventures in gardening and outdoor care. We balance aesthetic beauty with practical, sustainable practices, always looking for solutions that any homeowner can achieve. It’s not just about creating an eye-catching space; it’s about crafting environments that are as sustainable as they are beautiful.

Yes, we hope to make a little money off the blog, and we’ve partnered with Home Depot and Amazon to receive commissions if you click links and purchase products sold on those sites. But our primary goal is to share our experiences about all aspects of the yard and garden—from vegetables to swimming pool pumps! We hope you find our guides and reviews helpful.

Just one additional note that’s become important over the last year or so: We often use artificial intelligence to help us create articles. We develop the idea and then get an outline and a draft. But we always check it and make revisions where necessary! This new tool has helped us write more often and overcome the inevitable “writer’s block” that sometimes afflicted us!


We’re grateful that you’ve stopped by our site, and we hope you’ve found it useful!

an AI image of a middle aged couple standing in their garden at sunset
It's us - at least as an AI imagines us! We're a little shy so we're not posting our own pic, but we definitely feel as content as this couple looks as we good about caring for our outdoor spaces.

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